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Vinai thitpam-67th chapter of Thirukural- (Strong sincerity towards work)

Vinai thitpam-67th chapter of Thirukural-
(Strong sincerity towards work)

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( In spite of all other  important aspects  mentioned in earlier, a job cannot  be completed  unless we have sincerity. Valluvar says  , that sincerity indicates  job  means  strength of mind and unless  it is there  no job can be completed.)

1.Vinai  thitpam yenpa thoruvan mana thitpam,
Mathathaya yellam pira

1.Sincerity  towards work indicates   strength of mind,
All other things  come  only  next to it.

2.OoRoraal   uththa pin  olkaamai   ivvirandin ,
AArenpar aainthavar  kol.

2.Removing likely problem first and not getting  weak when it comes,
Is   the strength of mind of a person, say those who have  thought about it.

3,Kadai kotka  cheithakkathu aanmai  idai kotkin,
Yeththaa  vizhumam   tharum,

3,Masculinity   consists of   not withdrawing   from a job ,
Till it is complete, if he withdraws   it would only cause  sorrow to him.


3.Sincerity  in doing work consists  of  hiding it   from others ,
Till it is complete otherwise  that job would  only cause   sorrow   to him.

4,Cholluthal  aarkkum yeliya, ariyavaam,
Cholliya vannam  cheyal.

4.It is easy to tell   but  difficult ,
To  complete  it  as  told by us.

5.Veereithi maandaar vinai thitpam  venthan kan,
OOreithi  ulla  padum.

5,Since the king is impressed by   efficiency of work   of
A person who is sincere  , they would be respected  by others also.

6,Yenniya yenniyaangu  yeithuba  yenniyaar,
Thinniya  raka  perin.

6.If  those who plan a job  sincerely,   complete it as planned,
They  would get   rewards     as  they  wished.

7,Uruvu  kandu yeLLamai vendum  urul peruntherkku,
Achani annar   udaithu.

7,We should not laugh  seeing the form  of a person, For  a nail,
In the axis is  really holding the big chariot.

8.Kalangaathu kanda  vinaikan  thuLangathu,
Thookam   kadinthu   cheyal.

8.A job chosen without confusion  should be completed,
Without getting tired and without   any time delay.

9,THunbam   uravarinum  cheika   thunivaaththi  ,
Inbam   payakkum vinai.

9. Even if sorrow comes in between , if it   at the  end gives pleasure  ,
It  should  be completed without depression .

10.Yenai thitpam  yeithiya  kaNNum vinai thitpam,
Vendaarai vendaathu ulagu.

1o, The world would  not want a  person, whatever may be  his strength,
Unless  he is strong in sincerity   in doing his job,

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