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Thee Natpu-82nd chapter of Thirukural- ( Bad friendship)

Thee Natpu-82nd chapter  of Thirukural-
( Bad   friendship)

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(Friendship with  people   without culture  is useless   and should be   avoided  , says the poet. A friend should help you when you are in need  and  should not desert   when you are  in trouble.)

1.Paruguvaar  polinum  panpilaar  kenmai,
Perugalin   kundral  inithu.

1.Even if  people  without culture seek your friendship ,
Like we seek the  food we like, that friendship  will decrease not increase.

2.Urun nattu   arinorum  oppilaar kenmai,
Perinum   izhappinum  yen.

2.What would happen if we lose   the friendship  of a person,
Who cultivates it when  he gets benefit  and leaves it when he does not get anything .

3.Uruvathu cheer thookum  natpum  peruvathu,
Kolvarum  kalvarum ner.

3.Friends  who measure benefits of friendship, those  who do not bother,
About love but are bothered   about  only the thing they get  and thieves   are one and the same.

4.Amarakathu  aatharukkum kallaamaa  annaar  ,
Thamarin   thanimai  thalai.

4. Rather than getting friendship  of a person  who is like an ignorant  horse ,
 Which  pushes  you off  when war starts in the battle field, it is better  to be alone.

5.Chithemum  charaa chiriyavar pun kenmai  ,
Yeithalin yeithaamai  nandru.

5. It is better  not to have   friendship   of an inferior  person ,
Who grants us friendship  but  does not bother to protect us.

6,Pethai  perumkkezhee  natpin arivudayaar,
Yethinmai Jodi perum.

6.Not  having  friendship  of a  wise person,
Is crore times better  than having close friendship of an ignorant  person.

7.Nakaivakayarakiya  natpin  pakaivaraal,
Pathadutha  kodi perum.

7.The harm caused by open enemies is crore times better,
Than  friendship of a person  who does not love you but shows a smiling face at you.

8.Ollum karumam   udaththupavar kenmai,
Chollaadaar   chora vidal.

8.The friendship of those who make    the act  which we   are capable of doing,
Not possible  to do , should be left even without  informing him.

9.Kanvinum innathu  manno  vinai veru,
Chol veru   pattaar   thodarpu.

9.Friendship of a person who tells something   and does  some other thing,
Is not desirable   to us even in dreams.

10.Yenaithum  kurukuthal  ombal  manai kezhee  ,
Mandril  pazhippar   thodarpu.

10.Friendship of those who  praise you while  being alone in the house
But chide  you in public  should not be accepted even toi a small extent.

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