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Nadu-74th chapter of Thirukural- (Country)

Nadu-74th  chapter  of Thirukural-

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( THiruvalluvar tries to study what is a country  and how it should be .WE can  substitute a  company  instead of a country   and everything  mentioned by him would still be relevant.)

1.ThaLLa vilayulum thakkarum  thaazhvilaa ,
Chelvarum chervathu  Nadu.

1.A country  is one with unending  crops,
Suitable learned  people  and  wealth without evil.

2.Perum  porulal pettakkaumkettaal,
Aaththa   vilaivathu  Nadu.

2.A country  is one which is  desirable  due to its prosperity ,
Without any drawbacks  and with   excess crops.

3.Porai  orungu mel vaungaal  thaangi  iraivarkku  ,
Irai  orungu nervathu  nadu.

3.A country is one where citizens pay  the tax  formulated by the king,
Besides  supporting  people of other countries  who settle there  for various reasons.

4.Uru pasiyum  ova piniyum  cheru pakayum,
Cheraa thiyalvathu  Nadu.

4.A country  is that  where great hunger, incurable  diseases,
And enmity  which destroys   it   are  not  there.

5.Pal kuzhuvum paazh cheyyum utpagayum  venthalaikkum,
Kl kurumbum  illathu Nadu.

5.A  county  is where  differing societies, insider  enemies,
And small  murderous kings who trouble  the king are  not there.

6,Kedariyaa ketta  idathum valam kundraa,
Nadenba  nattin thalai.

6.That country is considered greatest, which is not troubled  by enemies,
And even if troubled  does  not loose its prosperity.

7,Iru punalum vaintha malayum varu punalum ,
Val aranum nattirkku  uruppu.

7.The parts  of great country  are   rain as well as  springs underneath the land,
Rich mountains   and  the great  protective castles.

8.Pini inmai  chelvam  vilaivu inbam   yemam,
Ani yenba   nattirkku  ivvaiynthu.

8,The beauty of the country  is  freedom from sickness  , prosperity,
Great crop yields and  great protection.

9.Nadenba  nadaa valaththana , Nadu alla,
Nada  valam  tharum nadu.

9.A good country is one   which has easily  available prosperity ,
Say the learned and those countries ,
Which we  have  to search for   prosperity  are not great.

10.AAngamai  veithiya kannum  bhayamindre ,
Vendhamaivu  illatha  Nadu.

10.Even though  all these  are there, if citizens  do not ,
Cooperate   with the ruler is a useless  country.

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