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Kooda Natpu-83rd chapter of Thirukural- (Friendship that should be avoided)

Kooda  Natpu-83rd chapter  of Thirukural-
(Friendship  that  should be avoided)

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(Thiruvalluvar wants us to leave  those who are only friends outside . He  cautions us never  to be friends with our enemies.)

1.Cheeridam  kaanin  yeritharkku  pattadai ,
Neraa niranthavar  natpu.

1.The friendship which is outwardly  but does not come from inside,
Is like a black smith’s hammer to be used   to hit us when chance occurs.

2,Inam pondru inam allaar  kenmai  , makalir  ,
Manam pola   veru padum.

2. The   friendship between those unlike persons,  who look as  if they are  similar  ,
Would  be very unstable   like the mind of  ladies.(one commentator says prostitutes)

3.Pala nalla kaththa kadainthum  mana nallar  ,
AakuthalmaaHaarkku arithu.

3.Uncultured  people   who may be learned cannot ,
Change their mind and become good friends.

4.Mukathin   yiniya  nakaavu  akathinnaa,
Vanjarai anjappadum.

4.Those  who are sweet outwardly  but  not sweet,
Inside their mind are cheaters and we should be scared of them.

5.Manathin amayavatharai  yenaithondrum,
Chollinaal  nerar paththu andru.

5.The words of those who do not  mix with us  mentally ,
Cannot be relied upon  even to a little extent.

6.Nattaar pol nallavai  chollinum ottaar  chol,
Ollai   unara ppadum.

6.Though enemies   tell  words that  do good like friends,
The real truth of their words  would be realized soon.

7.Chol vanakkam onnaar kaN kollarkka, vil vanakkam,
Theengu kurithamayaan.

7.The bent of  a bow is aimed  at causing harm  and so ,
The word of an enemy who bows down   caould cause wrong  and  should not be believed.

8.Thozhuthakayullum  padai odungum onnaar  ,
Azhutha kannerum   anaithu.

8.When enemy folds his hands , he could be hiding a weapon,
And similarly his   tears   also may be  similar.

9.Miga cheithu  tham yelluvaarai  naka  cheithu  ,
Natpinul chaappullal  paaththu.

9.Those  enemies   who outwardly show friendship but  find fault  with us  ,
inwardly  , should be made happy   and we should keep away from them.

10.Pakai natpaam kalam  varumkal muka nattu,
Aka natpu oree  vidal.

11.Even if a  time comes when  we have to be friends with enemies,
We should show only  friendship on our face and not have friendship in the mind.

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