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Padai cherukku-78th chapter of thirukkural- (Pride of the army)

Padai cherukku-78th chapter  of thirukkural-
(Pride of the army)

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(THiruvalluvar in this chapter    deals with the essential pride that   any soldier should have .When he says , hero is one who killed an elephant   with a spear  and   when he   was unable to find a spear to kill another elephant, He becomes happy to  a spear   which has gone deep in him. I wish this  chapter is made compulsory  learning to all over soldiers,)

1,Yennai mun  nillanmin  thevvir  palar  yennai,
Mun nindru  kal  nindravar.

1.Oh Enemies, do not stand  before  my leader  ,
Because  there  are many  tomb stones planted,
Over  the bodies  of those who  opposed him.

2.Kana  muyaleitha   ambinil  yanai,
Pizhaitha vel   yenthal   inithu.

2,It is better  to have a spear  which missed the aim on a great elephant,
Than having  a arrow   which has killed  a rabbit.

3.Peranmai   yenba tharukan othutha kaal,
Ooranmai   mathathan  ekku.

3,The great virility  lies in fighting  the enemy  without getting scared,
But the sharpness of virility lies in helping them when they  fall in great sorrow.

4.Kai vel kaliththodu  pokki varupavan ,
Mei  vel  pariyaa  najum,

4.A person who killed  an  elephant attacking with spear  and
Is searching for a spear  to kill another   elephant,
Would be happy to see  an enemy spear  which has entered him.

5.Vizhitha kan  vel konderiya   azhithimai  pin,
Ottandro van  kanavarkku.

5.If the   eye   which angrily   saw the enemy  closes  and opens  .
His eyes seeing  the spear thrown by the    enemy  ,
Then  it is a defeat   to the fearless  hero.

6.Vizhu pun padatha naal   yellam  vazhukkinul,
Vaikkum   than nalai yeduthu.

6. A hero  will count   the days he lived   and would consider  ,
Those  days as useless  when his face  and chest   are  not injured.

7.CHuzhalum  isai vendi  vendaa  uyiraar,
Chuzhal yaapu   karikai  neerthu.

7.Those heroes   who are  not bothered  about  their life aiming,
At fame   all over the world  wear  heroes  anklets only for beauty.

8.Urin uyir   anjaa maravar   iraivan ,
Cherinum   cheer   kundral   ilar.

8.Those  heroes    who are   not bothered   to die  ,
Would not loose their enthusiasm  even if their  king prevents   them.

9.Izhaithathu  ikavaamai  chavaarai   yaare ,
Pizhaithathu    orukkirpavar .

9. People  would not blame   that hero   who fought  greatly,
And died as per their oath , as having sought an early death.

10.Puranthaar  kan  neer malka  chakin   pin chakkadu  ,
Iranthu kol  thakkathu udaithu.

10. If a hero   dies  bringing out tears   in the eyes  of his king,

That  great death   is suitable   to be got  by begging.

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