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Padai matchi -77th Chapter of Thirukural- (The greatness of army.)

Padai matchi -77th Chapter   of Thirukural-
(The  greatness  of army.)

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(This is a chapter  about  how an army  of the king should be .In the modern context  It could be techniques and ways   used to fight   the competitor  .Read  the following  with this in mind ,You would see  how meaningful are   the great words  of the great poet.)

1.Uruppamainthu ooranjaa velpadai   vendhan,
Verukkayul  yellam  thalai.

1.The greatest wealth of a king is an army with all sections,
Which is not scared of sorrows and wins  the enemy.

2.Ulaividathu ooranjaa vankan  tholaividathu  ,
Thol padaikku  allal    arithu.

2.Only a traditional army  does not get scared of its destruction in the battle field,
And   has bravery  to  fight   in the war.

3.Olithakkal   yen aam uvari  elipakai,
Nakam  uyirppa   kedum.

3.If an army of rats joins and make sound like an ocean,
What  can it do to a snake , for as soon it breaths  that army  would  be completely  desired.

4.Azhivu indru  aRaipokaathu aaki  vazhi vandha,
Van kan athuve  padai.

4.Army is the one  that  which   cannot be destroyed  easily by the enemy,
And  which  has inherited  the fearlessness  from  epic s days   and belongs to the king.

5.Koothu  udanru  mel varinum   koodi  yethir nirkum,
Aaththal athuve padai.

5.Army is that unit    which even if God   of death with  great anger, 
Comes  to attack it, would   be able stand united  and oppose him.

6.Mara maanam maNda  vazhichelavu   theththam,
Yena nange  yemam padaikku,

6.The four aspects  of security to the army   are   great  valour,
Self respect, inherited self discipline and  having  the trust of the king.

7.Thar thangi chelvathu thanai thalai vantha ,
POr thangum thanmai  arinthu.

7.An army knows how to win the  attacking  enemy army,
And marches  to destroy the flag bearing army   of the enemy.

8.Adal ththa kayyum  aaththalum illeninum   thanai,
Padainthakayaal  paadu  perum.

8.Even though  an army  does  have    less strength to oppose the enemy,
And does not have capacity to defeat them ,
By properly arranging  it, its greatness   can be increased,

9.Chirumayum chellaa thuniyum   varumayum,
Yil aayin   vellum  padai.

9.If an army does not get reduced  , does not have   hatred  that does not  decrease,
And does not have poverty    that  army will win.

10.Nilaimakkal   chala  udaitheninum   thanai,
THalai makkal  yil vazhi yil.

10.though the army has  stable  valorous soldiers, If there are ,
None to lead  them properly , it would get destroyed   without any use.

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