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Vinai cheyal vakai-68th chapter of Thirukural- (Different methods of doing a job)

Vinai cheyal vakai-68th   chapter  of Thirukural-
(Different  methods of doing a job)

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(THiruvalluvar   gives  us many type of advices   to complete a job.He is very particular that  there should not be unnecessary delay   in doing  any job undertaken. There are many other suggestions.Please read the. They are  uneful to everybody.)

1.Choozhchi mudivu thuniveithal  athunivu ,
Thazhchiyul thanguthal theethu.

1.The end of planning, is  taking  courage  to  do the job,
And it is wrong to delay to do the job which has  been decided.

2.THoonguga  thoongi cheyarpala, thoongarkka,
THoongaathu cheyyum vinai.

2.A job  to be done after delay should be done  only after time delay,
But a job that he has to be done promptly   should never be delayed.

3.Ollum vai  yellam  vinai nandre , ollakkal,
Chelum  vaai nokki cheyal.

3.It is good to do job   in all places where we can go,
And if it is not possible,  we should always  remember it,
And complete it in a place  where it can be completed.

4.Vinai pakai  yendirandin   yecham  ninyumkal ,
Thee  yecham  pola  therum.

4,A job began  and an enmity  that should  be eliminated,
Should not be left half completed for  if a fire ,
Is not put out completely , it will again rage  and  destroy.

5.Porul karuvi   kalam  vinai idanodu iynthum,
Irul  theera   yenni cheyal.

5.Before starting a job , we should think about the  five things,
Material needed, the equipment needed, proper time,
The method  to do it and  suitable place to do it.

6.Mudivum idayoorum muththiyaangu  yeithum,
Irul theera  yenni cheyal.

6.Before  starting a job, we should know  , how it will be completed,
Possible road blocks and the results  that  can accrue , if it is completed.

7.Cheivinai cheivan  cheyan murai  avvinai,
Ullarivaan  ullam kolal.

7.The way  a person   who is doing a job  , should follow is,
To act according   to  the advice of those   who knew  the job well .

8.Vinayaan  vinayakki  kodal  nanaikavun  ,
Yaanayaal   yanayathaththu,

8. When you are  doing a job, with that  you should complete  another job also,
And it is like  using an elephant in rut to hold  another elephant in rut.

9.Nattarkku  nalla cheyalin  virainthathe,
Ottarai  otti kolal.

9.Before doing  help to our friends and make them happy,
We  should make those  people   who are ,
Standing aloof   from our  enemy  .

10.URai  chiRiyaar  ul nadaungal  anji kurai  peRin,
KOlvar  periyaar   paninthu .

10.Those who are weak  when  fighting  with people more powerful than them,
Would become scared and salute  and  take the help of those  mightier than them.

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