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Pullarivanmai-85th Chapter of Thirukural- (Absence of intelligence)

Pullarivanmai-85th  Chapter  of Thirukural-
(Absence of intelligence)

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( Thiruvalluvar again and again emphasizes that ignorance is a curse.This chapter is worth reading   by every one)

1.Arivinmai  inmayul  inmai  pirithinmai  ,
Inmayavaiyathu  ulaku.

1.Abscence of intelligence is   the  worst form of poverty,
For poverty  would not be  considered  as stable  by the world.

2.Arivilaan  nenjuvanthu  eethal  pirithuyathum,
Illai  peruvaan  thavam.

2.If a person without intelligence  gives something with joy,
It is only due to the good fortune  of a person getting it.

3.Arivilaar  thaam thamai  pizhikkum pizhai  ,
Cheruvaarkkum  cheithal  arithu.

3.The sorrows that  the person  without  intelligence causes to himself,
Cannot be caused  even by his enemy.

4.Venmai  yenapaduvathu  yaathenin  onmai ,
Udayam yaam  yennum cherukku.

4. The pride  that  , “I know  everything “ is  ,
The sign of person without  intelligence.

5.Kallatha mer kondu  ozhukal  kasadara ,
Vallathoom  iyam  tharum.

5.The claim  of a person without intelligence   that he  has read,
The books that  he has not read  , would  make others feel .
That he does not know even the book that he has learnt.

6.Aththam  marainthalo  pullarivu  thamvayin,
Kuththam marayaa  vazhi.

6.It is  also  ignorance to hide   their parts of body  only,
Without trying to remove   the problems that one person has.

7.Arumurai chorum  arivilaan  cheyyum,
Perumirai  thaane thanakku.

7.The ignorant person  lets out important secrets  which should  be hidden,
And would  invite great sorrows  to himself.

8.Yevavum  chikalaan  thaan theraan  , avvuyir  ,
Poam  alavum  oar noi.

8.A person of ignorance   who does not obey others  and ,
Does not it himself also  , would be a sickness  to the world , till he dies.

9.Kanaathaan kattuvaan  thaan kaanaan  kanaathaan,
Kandanaam  thaan kandavaru.

9.If one tries to give wisdom to a person  of ignorance m,
He would not be able to do it and ultimately  sorrow of it.

10.Ulagathaar  undenpathu  illenbaan  vayathu  ,
Alakayaa  vaikka padum.

10.A person who says no to  the fact that the  world  has  learned people  ,
Would be considered as   the devil who walks  in the world.

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