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Pethiamai-84th chapter of Thirukural- (Folly)

Pethiamai-84th chapter  of Thirukural-

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(I have used the dictionary meaning of Pethaimai(Folloy) to translate this chapter .But I some how feel  Man of folly   should be substituted by  simpleton.)

1.Pethaimai   yenpathondru yaathenin  ,yethamkondu,
OOthiyam  poka  vidal.

1.Folly consists of taking things that  are harmful,
And leaving  out those  which are good.

2.Pethaimayul  yellam pethaimai  kathanmai  ,
Kayyalla   than kan cheyal.

2.The greatest t folly   is getting attached ,
To habits that  are harmful to us.

3.NaaNamai  , naadamai   naarinmai  yaathondrum,
PeNaamai   pethai   thozhil.

3.Not getting shyness , not getting  desire , not getting  love, and,
Not  providing  protection  all at proper time are the ways  of person with folly.

4.Othi unarnthum  pirarkuraithum  thaan adangaa ,
Pethayin pethayaar yil.

4. A person  who does not read  and learn  , then teach  it to others ,
And then  follow  what he knows , is the worst  possible  man of folly.

5.Orumai cheyal aaththum  pethai  , yezhumayum,
THanpukku  azhunthum   aLaru

5.A man of folly   would undergo the sorrow of hell,
Of  his last seven births  , in his one birth.

6.Poi padum ondro  punai poonum  kai ariyaa,
Pethai  vinai mel kolin.

6.If a  man of folly who does not know how to act ,
Tries to do the act, he would fail  and  would be chained.

7.Yethilaar  aara thamarpasippar pethai,
Perum chelvam  uththa kadai.

7.When a man  of folly gets wealth  , it would be enjoyed ,
By the unconnected ones and his relatives   would starve.

8.Mayyal oruvan kalithu  aththaal  Pethai than,
Kai ondru udamai perin.

8.When a man of folly gets wealth, he would be ,
Like a mad person  losing his stability  due to Alcoholic   drinks.

9.Perithu , inithu  prthayaar  kenmai  , pirivin kan,
Peezhai tharuvathu   ondru yil.

9.In a certain sense relation  with  a man of folly is pleasant,
Because   if you part  with him  , you  will not feel sad.

10.Kazhaakkal  palliyul  vaithu  aththaal  chandror  ,
Kuzhaa  athu   pethai  pukal.

10.A man of folly entering  an assembly of  wise people,
Is like  retiring to bed with an unwashed dirty  feet.

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