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Thoothu-69th chapter of Thirukural- (emissary/representative/ambassador)


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(Though Emissay   to the enemy  has long back  have disappeared , if we  take emissary to mean our representative to talk   with companies   which compete with us , this is relevant even  today .He says friendliness , wisdom, mastery over words  are  their important  qualifications.)

1.Anbudamai  aandra kudi pirathal  venthavaam,
Panpudamai   thuthuraippan  Manbu

1.The greatness   of emissary consists   is being friendly,
With every one, liked by king(boss) and have a high heritage.

2.Anbarivaaraintha  chol vanmai   thoothuraipparkku ,
Indriyamamayatha  mondru.

2.Friendliness   , wisdom   and mastery over  words  are ,
The three  characters are  essential  to those  who go an emissary.

3,Noolaarul nool vallanaakuthal  velaarul,
Vendri vinayuraippan panbu.

3.An emissary  to be  sent to an  armed enemy (competitor) should have,
The capacity to meet a  very learned person and convince  him oh his own wisdom.

4.Arivuru aaraintha kanvi  immondran,
Cherivudayan  chelka   vinaikku.

4,Good personality, native intelligence and knowledge  ,
Earned by great thought are the three  qualities,
That an emissary should have to   be sent  to another king.

5.Thoka  cholli thoovaatha neeki nakacholli,
Nandri payappathaam  thoothu.

5.A good emissary  should make   the enemy king(competitor)   happy,
By telling  many news items  and  avoiding  many news items .

6.Kaththu kaN anjaan   chela cholli  kalathaal,
Thakka tharivathaam thoothu.

6.A good  emissary  would learn  all tricks of the trade , would not get scared,
Of the  enemy king  and would tell him the  message  andimpress him.

7.Kadan arinthu  kalam karuthi  idanarinthu  ,
Yenni  uraippan   thalai  .

7.A good  emissary tells the message to the other king   , only after,
Understanding the job  , seeing for proper time  and  proper place  .

8. Thooimai , thunamai , thunivudamai  , immoondrin,
Vaimai vazhiyuraippan  panbu.

8. Sincerity   in  the three  characters Purity  , proper security   and courage   ,
Are the culture   to be followerd by a good emissary.

9.Vidumaaththam  vendar kuraippan  vadumaththam,
Vaaichoraa   van kanavan,

9.The  right message  of the king  should be delivered with   stable heart,
Without  telling any improper words  by  a good emissary.

10.Iruthi payappinum  yenjaathu  iraivarkku,
Uruthi  payappathaam thoothu.

10.Even if facing death  an emissary does  not leave out  anything from,
The message  sent by his master  and  bring only good  to his master.

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