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Pakaimatchi-87th Chapter of Thirukural- (The importance of enmity )

Pakaimatchi-87th  Chapter  of Thirukural-
(The  importance of enmity )

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(THiruvalluvar feels even in enmity we should be choosy  and selective  .He gives a small guide as to when Enmity would lead to success)

1.Valiyaarkku  maareththal  ombuka  ombaa,
Meliyaa mel  meka  pakai.

1,We should completely abandon enmity with those   who are ,
Stronger  than us but  we can afford  ,
To have enmity with those  who are weaker than   us.

2.Anbilan  aandra  thunayilan   thaan thulvaan,
Yenpariyum  yethilaan   thuppu.

2.How can a person who does not love  those surrounding him,
Does not have  powerful help  and is weak , weaken his enemy .

3,Anjum ariyaan  amaivilan  yeekalaan,
Thanjam   yeliyan   pakaikku.

3.An enemy can  easily defeat   the  a person who is scared,
Who is ignorant of needed  knowledge,
Who cannot move with others and who does not help others..

4.Neengaan  vekuli  nirayilan  yenjjandrum,
Yaanganum  yaarkkum yelithu.

4.A person who cannot control  his anger and also his mind  ,
He is weaker  always  to every one.

5.Vazhi nokkaan  vaippana   cheyyan  , pazhi nokkan,
Panpilaan  paththarkku  inithu.

5.An enemy can  easily defeat  who does not  think about  good paths ,
Who does not do what he should, who does not  bother about bad name  ,
And who  does  not posses   good character.

6,Kanaa chinathaan   kazhi perum kamathaan  ,
Penaamai  pena pedum.

6.The enmity of a person  who gets  angry  without thinking of his  and others state ,
And has  immeasurable passion  , would be welcomed  by his enemies.

7.Koduthum kolal vendum  mandra   aduthirunthu ,
MaaNaatha  cheivan pakai.

7.Definitely enmity of a person  , who is near us  but  does evil to us,
Should be had    at any cost.

8.Gunan ilanaai  kuththam  palavaayin  maththarkku,
Inan yilanaam   yemaapudaithu.

8.A person without character who has  done several crimes,
He would not have any protection and that state ,
Would be a great protection to our enemies.

9.Cheruvaarkku cheNyikavaa  inbam   arivu ila,
Anjum  pakaivar   perin.

9.To those   who fight  ,  pleasant victory would be very near,
If  his enemy is ignorant   and  is  scared of his enemies.

10.Kallaan  vekulum chiru porul  yenjjandrum,
Olaanai  ollathu  oli.

10.A person   who cannot take  little wealth   from an ignorant person,
Would  never be able   to get  any fame.

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