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Avayarithal-72nd chapter of Thirukural- (knowing the audience)

Avayarithal-72nd  chapter of Thirukural-
(knowing  the audience)

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(Thiruvalluvar says the   presentation has to be different with the audience that   we address. He says address   the learned peopled in a leaned way and while addressing  ignorant  people , just like   simple  lime wash.)

1.Avayarindhu aaraynthu  cholluka  , chollin,
Thogai arintha  Thooymai yavar.

1.Those who know   understand  the purity  of words,
Tell it after knowing   well their audience.

2.Idai therinthu  nangu unarnthu  cholluga, chollin,
Nadai  therintha  nanmayavar.

2, Those great ones who know their audience well
After well knowing  the time and place , tell words  which are proper.

3.Avayariyaar chiollal mer kolbavar , chollin,
Vagayariyaar   vallathoom yil.

3.Those  who tell  words  without knowing their audience,
Do not  know limitations of words  and also  do not have expertise  in arts.

4.Oliyaar  mun  olliyar  aathal  veliyaar mun,
Vaan suthai  vannam kolal.

4.Before  learned  people talk like a learned one  ,
And before  ignorant ones  , look like a lime coating (people who do not know)

5,Nandrendra vaththullum nandre   muthuvarul,
Munthu  kilavaa  cherivu.

5. It is a desirable  not to talk first,
When  you are addressing  those who are  more learned.

6.AAththin nilai thalarnthaththe viyan  pulam,
Yethu unarvaar munnar  yizhukku.

6.Making  errors   while  addressing  very learned people,
Is  like   moving   away  from dharma in conduct.

7.Katharinthaar kalvi vilangum  kasadara,
Chol therithal vallaarakathu.

7.When addressing  critics  who are  very learned,
Only the words  of very learned  people  will  meet recognition.

8.Unarvathudayaar mun chollal valarvathan,
Pathiyul neer chorithaththu.

8.Talking before those  learned  ones  who understand themselves,
Is like pouring water  in irrigation channel  for further growth.

9.Pul avayul pochchanthum  chollarkka, nal avayul,
Nangu  chela cholluvaar.

9. Those   who are able to talk   well before learned audience ,
Should never speak before an ignorant audience , even by forgetting.

10.Anganathul  ukka  amizhnthu aththaal  thamkanathaar  ,
Allaar mun   kotti kolal.

10. We should not address  an audience   who   are  not similar  to us.  ,
For it is like  pouring nectar in an unclean courtyard.

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