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Pazhaimai -81st chapter of Thirukural (familiarity in friendship)

Pazhaimai -81st  chapter of  Thirukural
(familiarity in friendship)

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(The poet feels   that  when friendship  matures , it  induces   the friends  to take   some independence  with each other.He feels that  when   your close friend  , causes   sorrow  to you  because  of familiarity , you should not mind it.)google images

1.Pazhaimai yenapaduvathu  yathu yenin , yathum,
Kizhaimayai  keezhnthida  natpu

1Familiarity is that   which makes  you not neglecting ,
Opinions   of  close friends but  acting according   to that.

2.Natpir kuruppukezhuthagaimai  maththatharkku  ,
Uppathal  chandror   kadan.

2.Friendship implies   acting with  familiarity and   agreeing to it ,
Sweetly  is the duty of  learned  people.

3.Pazhakiya  natpevan  cheyyum  kezhu thagaimai,
Cheithangu amayaa  kadai.

3.though   we do not agree   about  action  by a friend with familiarity ,
If we do not consider  it as done by us  and agree to it, what  is the use of friendship.

4.Vizhai thagayaan  vendi  yiruppar  kezhuthagayaal  ,
Kelaathu  nattar  cheyin.

4.If a friend   does an act due to familiarity , a learned man,
Would act as  if  that   he likes   it much.

5.Pethaimai ondro  perum kizhamai   yendru  unarka,
Nothakkaa  nattar  cheyyin.

5.If a  friend  does acts   which we do not like , we should act ,
As if it was done due to great familiarity or due to ignorance  .

6.YEllai kan nindraar   thuravaar  tholaividathum .
THollai kan nindrar   thodarppu.

6.Those whose   friendship has matured would  not ,
Leave friendship of a familiar friend , even if problems arise  because of it.

7.Azhi vantha cheyyinum  anbaraar  anbin ,
Vazhi vandha   kenmayavar.

7.Those who have loving friendship which has  cause familiarity ,
Would not leave that friendship  , even if that  friend does destructive acts.

8.Kel  izhukkam  kelaa  kezhuthagaimai   vallarkku,
Naal izhukkam nattaar  cheyin.

8.Those who not bother about the words  of  others about mistakes ,
By a familiar friend of theirs, would have a useful  day  when  that familiar  friend does mistakes.

9.Kedaa vazhi vantha  kenmayaar  kenmai  ,
Vidaar   vizhayum  ulagu.

9.As long as a person  having  friend   who has  familiarity  ,
Does not  leave   that friendship , would  like and appreciate  him.

10.Vizhayaar vizhaya padu pazhayaar  kan,
Panpin   thalai piriyaathaar  .

10.Those who do not  forsake familiarity  from a friend   who does a mistake  ,
Would be   even considered desirable  by their enemies.

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