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Madurai Meenakshi Amman Thirukoil and prayers addressed to Goddess Meenakshi.

 Madurai  Meenakshi  Amman  Thirukoil  and  prayers  addressed to  Goddess Meenakshi.

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Most of the Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu are referred by the name of the God but perhaps one of the exception to this rule is  the Madurai Meenakshi temple(Meenakshi is also called as Angayarkanni) .  Here  though the temple has a    bigger temple for lord Shiva(four times bigger than Meenakshi temple)  , the temple  is always referred to by the name of the Goddess Meenakshi (Goddess with fish like eyes) . It is   also  one of the    Tamil Nadu temples which was considered for inclusion in the new   seven wonders of the world.
    Madhurai which was the capital city of ancient  Pandya  kingdom  is indeed the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu.It was here that   the great  language of Tamizh developed.It was here that  the oldest  language  literary   society  of the world  Tamizh Sangam  existed. It was here the Tamilnadu saivism was nurtured and grew in to a great banyan tree .It was here  that 64 divine sports   of Lord  Shiva(64  thiruvilayadalkal )  was enacted. It was here   that Kovalan the husband of Kannagi was punished and it was the city burnt by  Kannagi due to her great anger. This city is  referred as Halasya  Puri  in Sanskrit and there  is an epic called  Halasya Puranam   , which deals about its story  .It is possibly the only ancient planned    city of ancient  India  that we can see  even today.
   It is believed that  Devendra  found a Swayambhu (self made) Lingam of God Shiva  in the Kadamba forest and consecrated that Linga here.Even today Lord is seen in the temple  as placed in the  Chariot  of Indra . Indra  also   created a huge pond in the middle of which there  was golden lotus flower(Referred as Pothamarai  vavi) . When Malayadwaja  Pandya   and his wife   prayed for a child and  conducted a  Puthra Kameshti yaga ,the goddess in the form of a baby girl  with three  breasts arose from the  fire. The king was sad that  it was a girl and also because she had three  breasts. Then a divine voice told him to bring her up like a boy   and teach  her the art of war   and it also told him that  her third breast would  disappear   when she meets  her husband to be  . She was named Thadathagai  and became a great warring queen. She defeated the world of Brahma and the world of Vishnu  and also the Bhootha Ganas  as well as Nandi. Burt when Shiva appeared before her, she felt shy  and her third breast  disappeared .She then knew   that Lord Shiva was her  husband to be ,Her Marriage with Lord Shiva in the form of Sundareswarar (Halasya nathar/chokka nathar  ) was celebrated in a grand scale .Lord Brahma was the priest  and bride was given by her brother Lord Vishnu.. There is a story that  Lord  Azhagar  (A form of Vishnu )  came to attend her marriage    and came to Madurai with lot  of presents but by the time he reached   the marriage got over   and he returned back   to his temple. This incident of marriage is enacted every year   in a very grand scale in the month of Chithirai(April-may) .
       The original Meenakshi temple   which existed  even  in the   first centuary AD   was completely destroyed by Malik  Kafur during his invasion   in the year 1310.  The  rebuilding of the temple was initiated by the first Nayak  king of Madurai called   Viswanatha Nayak  (1559-1600) but was completed   by Thitrumala Nayak  (1623-1655) . He   expanded the temple    and included structures like  Vasantha Mandapam( The hall of spring)   and KIlikoondu mandapam(the hall of parrots.)  It was the queen Mangammal of this dynasty   who built the corridors of the temple tank called  Por Thamarai  Vavi (The pond of golden lotus)  . Rous Peter (1786-1828) who was a   collector of Madurai was    greatly attached to this temple and has made several presents to it.  When he was about to die , he wished  that he should be buried in  such a way that  he should be able to see  Goddess Meenakshi .He   was  called  by people of Madurai as Peter Pandian.
      The Temple is of  almost square    shape       with a size of 254 meters  length  and 238 meters breadth.  It has   4 entrances and 14 Gopurams, the tallest of which   is 52 meters.There are two golden Vimanas one over the sanctum of Meenakshi and the other over Lord Sundareswara.There   are 33000  sculptures in the temple. It has its own thousand pillared hall.

 In this temple lot of importance is given to Goddess  Meenakshi and in fact , it is only after  her worship that worship of Lord  Sundareswarar   takes place  .Among the many names she is called is  Pachai Devi  , Maragathavalli , Kayarkannal  , Sundara valli, Manickavalli  . A green parrot is seen  perching  on the right hand   of the extremely  pretty Goddess . one saint has described her as
“All the grandeur of the super consciousness, the masculine principle and the beauty of the feminine consciousness, the divine feminine principle expressing in one body is Meenakshi. Meenakshi shines more than Chokkanathar. Meenakshi radiates more than Chokkanathar.”
       Lot of green parrots are also seen  flying everywhere    in the temple.The Goddess Meenakshi  is made of  stone of black emerald hue . Apart from the major shrine of Sundareswarar (also called as Chokka Nadhar  , Kalyana Sundarar , Kadambavaneswarar , Mahureswarar   and so on)  , there  are several temples in the compound. T he notable  ones are  the temple  the huge  Mukkuruni vinayagar   , the temple of Lord Nataraja , who is dancing  with right leg raised  (The king  who got it made felt that  standing on right leg always,  may cause pain  to the lord) .There are   some do’s and don’t’s  to the visit of the temple  (

Do’s and Dont’s   Devotees should not enter the temple without taking bath.  Devotees should not enter the temple wearing shorts, Lunges, and caps.  Chewing betal leaves, tobacco, Gutka is prohibited inside the temple.  Devotees are not allowed to enter the temple with foot wears or socks  Devotees with uncomfortable injuries are not allowed inside the temple.  Female devotees should not enter the temple for the first 5 days of their menstruation period.  Devotees should maintain discipline and follow the rules of Vaidhika Dharma.  Cleanliness  of the temple should be maintained.  Smoking and Spitting inside temple is strictly prohibited.   Devotees can get more or specific information from the Executive Officer of the temple.  Umbrella, Sticks, Materials made of animal skin should not be brought inside the temple.
  However there    are some facilities for entry of physically handicapped persons in to the temple  .They can enter the temple through a special entrance   and move in a Battery operated car  .One dependent to help him/her also is allowed. Joint prayers for welfare of critically    ill patients are conducted    in this temple   on every Friday  at 5.30 PM. The temple is open   from 5 Am-12.30 Pm  and 4 Pm to 10 Pm daily .The daily pooja timings are  :-
Name of the Pooja/Seva
Thiruvanandal pooja5:00am to 6:00am
Vizha pooja6:30am to 7:15am
Kalasandhi pooja6:30am to 7:15am
Thrikalasandhi pooja10:30am to 11:15am
Uchikkala Pooja (Noon Pooja)10:30am to 11:15am
Maalai pooja4:30pm to 5:15pm
Ardhajama Pooja (Night Pooja)7:30pm to 8:15pm
Palliarai pooja9:30pm to 10:00pm
You can contact the temple administration by phone  or e-mail  :-
 Phone  +91452 234 4360
 E mail
 Web site

   To  get yourself   deported to  the divine   beauty and grandeur   visit this temple   and    for some time   stand before the Goddess  , initially looking at her and then  close your eyes   after bring ing her form inside you . I am giving below storas  and Krithis  praising this   great Goddess:-

1.Meenakshi Pancha rathnam
Translated by

Udyath bhanu sahasra koti sadrusam, Keyura harojjwalam,
Bimboshtim smitha danthapankthi ruchiram, peetambaralankrutham,
Vishnu brahma surendra sevitha patham, Thathwa swaroopam shivam,
Meenakshmi pranathosmi santhathamaham, karunya vara nithim. 1

I always bow before that Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy,
Who shines like billions of rising suns,
Who wears a shining crown,
Who has reddish lips like the Bimba fruits,
Who has shining rows of sparkling teeth,
Who decorates herself with reddish silk,
Whose feet is worshipped by Vishnu, Brahma and Indra,
Who is the consort Of Lord Shiva,
And who is the personification of sacred truth.

Mukthahara lasath kireeda ruchiram, poornendu vakthra prabham,
Sinchannupura kinkini manidaram, padmaprabha basuram,
Sarvabeeshta bala pradham giri sutham , vani rama sevitham,
Meenakshmi pranathosmi santhathamaham , karunya vara nithim. 2

I always bow before that Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy,
Who shines in a crown decorated by garland of pearls,
Whose face shines similar to the full moon,
Who wears tinkling anklets full of gems,
Who shines like a fully opened lotus,
Who blesses her devotees with all their wishes,
Who is the daughter of the mountain,
And who is served by Goddess Saraswathi and Lakshmi.

Sri vidhyam shiva vama bhaga nilayam, hreenkara mantrojwalam,
Sri chakrangitha bindu Madhya vasathim, Srimath sabha nayakeem,
Srimath shanmuga vignaraja jananim, sriman jagan mohinim,
Meenakshmi pranathosmi santhathamaham , karunya vara nithim. 3

I always bow before that Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy,
Who is the sacred knowledge of Sri Vidhya,
Who dwells in the left side of Lord Shiva,
Who shines with the sacred sound “Hreem”,
Who is in the central dot of the holy design of Sri Chakra,
Who is the lady presiding over the court of Lord Shiva,
Who is the mother of Lord Subramnya and Ganesa,
And who is the enchanter of the universe.

Srimath Sundara nayakim , bhaya haram, jnana pradham Nirmalam,
Syamabham kalasanarchitha padam,narayanasyaanujam,
Veena venu mrudanga vadhya rasikam, nana vidham ambikam,
Meenakshmi pranathosmi santhathamaham , karunya vara nithim. 4

I always bow before that Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy,
Who is the consort of Lord Sundaresa,
Who removes fears,
Who grants knowledge,
Who is purest of the pure,
Who is black in colour,
Whose feel are worshipped by lotus flowers,
Who is the sister of Lord Narayana,
Who enjoys music from Veena, drum and flute,
And who is the goddess of varied aspects.

Nana yogi muneendra hrudsu vasatheem, nanartha sidhi pradham,
Nana pushpavirajithangri yugalam, narayanen architham,
Nada brahma mayim parath para tharam, nanartha thathwathmikam,
Meenakshmi pranathosmi santhathamaham , karunya vara nithim. 5

I always bow before that Meenakshi, who is the treasure house of mercy,
Who stays in the hearts of different yogis and saints,
Who grants different wealth and occult powers,
Whose feet shine with various flowers ,
Who is worshipped by Lord Narayana,
Who is the all pervasive sound of the holy spirit,
Who is greater than the great,
And who is the meaning of various philosophies.

Meenakshi * Nava Rathna mala stotram
(A garland of nine gems to Meenakshi)
Translated by

Gowreem kanchana padmini thadagruham Sri Sundaresa priyam,
Neebharanya suvarna kaduka parikreeda vilolam umam,
Srimad pandya kulachalagra vilasad rathna pradhi payidham,
Meenakshim, madhureswareem sukhatharam Sri Pandya baalam bhaje. 1

Salutations to Meenakshi, who is goddess of Madhurai,
Who has a bird in her hand, who is the daughter of pandya king,
Who is Gowri ,who has a temple near the golden lotus tank,
Who is the darling of Lord Sundareswara.,
Who is the goddess Uma , who likes to play with the golden ball,
In the forest of Kadamba trees,
And who is the gem studded lamp lit on the top of the peak of Pandya clan.

Gowrim Veda kadamba kanana sukheem sarasthradavi kekineem,
Vedanthakhila dharma hema nalini hamsineem shivaam shambhaveem,
Omkarambhuja neelamatha madhupam manthramra shakhabhi Kama,
Meenakshim, madhureswareem sukhatharam Sri Pandya baalam bhaje. 2

Salutations to Meenakshi , who is goddess of Madhurai,
Who has a bird in her hand, who is the daughter of pandya king,
Who is the Gowri ,who is the parrot in the Kadamba forest of Vedas,
Who is the peacock in the forest of science,
Who is the swan in the pond of the golden lotus of essence of Vedas,
Who is the consort of Shiva, who is the wife of Lord Shambhu.
Who is the honey bee in the forest of the “Om” lotus,
And who is the nightingale sitting on the mango tree of manthras,

Gowrim noopaura shobhithngri kamalam thuneera sajjangikam,
Rathnadarsa samana janu yugala, ramya nibhorudhvayam,
Kanchibadha manognapeena jaganamavartha nabhihtharam,
Meenakshim, madhureswareem sukhatharam Sri Pandya baalam bhaje. 3

Salutations to Meenakshi , who is goddess of Madhurai,
Who has a bird in her hand, who is the daughter of pandya king,
Who is gowri, who has lotus like ankle shining due to anklets,
Who has a shoulder ornamented by an arrow case,
Who has two knees which are similar to costly jewels,
Who has thighs similar to the trunk of a banana tree,
Who has very pretty fat hips decorated by a golden belt,
And who has the belly button similar to the whirlpool.

Gowrim vyoma samana madhyamayudhaamuthunga vakshoruham,
Veena manjula nalikanvidhakaram sangollasath sundaram,
Laksha kardhama shobhi pada yugalam, sindhoora seemanthineem,
Meenakshim, madhureswareem sukhatharam Sri Pandya baalam bhaje. 4

Salutations to Meenakshi , who is goddess of Madhurai,
Who has a bird in her hand, who is the daughter of pandya king,
Who is gowri, who is having a middle similar to a plain ground,
Who has greatly raised pretty busts,
Whose hands are placed prettily on the strings of veena,
Who has a pretty neck similar to the conch,
Who has feet shining due to the applied lac juice,
And who has her parting of the heads filled with saffron.

Gowrim manjula meena nethra yugalam, kodanda subhrulatham,
Bimbhoshkam jitha kunda dantha ruchiram , champeya nasojwalam,
Ardhendu prathi bimbha phala ruchiramadarsa ganda sthalam,
Meenakshim, madhureswareem sukhatharam Sri Pandya baalam bhaje. 5

Salutations to Meenakshi , who is goddess of Madhurai,
Who has a bird in her hand, who is the daughter of pandya king,
Who has two pretty eyes resembling the fish,
Who has eye lashes like the Kodanda bow,
Who has lips which resemble the red bimba fruit,
Who has teeth similar to the jasmine bud,
Who has nose similar to the Champa flowers,
Who has forehead similar to the half moon,
And who has cheeks resembling the mirror.

Gowrim kumkuma panka lepitha lasad vakshoja Kumbhojwalam,
Kasthuri thilakalikam Malaya jale bollasad kandaram,
Raka Chandra samana charu vadanam , lolamba neelalakam,
Meenakshim, madhureswareem sukhatharam Sri Pandya baalam bhaje. 6

Salutations to Meenakshi , who is goddess of Madhurai,
Who has a bird in her hand, who is the daughter of pandya king,
Who shines with erect busts on which saffron is applied,
Who has a forehead on which thilaka with musk has been applied.
Who has got a shining neck on which sandal paste has been applied,
Who has a pretty face resembling the full moon,
And who has curly hair of the black colour of bees.

Gowrim kanchana kankanangatha daram, nasa lasan moukthikam,
Manjeeranguli mudrikangari kadaka graiveyakalangrutham,
Muktha hara kireeda rathna vilasad thadanga kanthyayudham,
Meenakshim, madhureswareem sukhatharam sri pandya baalam bhaje. 7

Salutations to Meenakshi , who is goddess of Madhurai,
Who has a bird in her hand, who is the daughter of pandya king,
Who wears bangles and armlets made of gold,
Who wears nose stud made of pearl in her nose,
Who has ornamented herself with rings, anklets and necklaces,
And who shines because of the luster of gems on her crown and chains.

Gowrim champaka mallika sukusumai punnaga sougandhikair,
Drondheevara kunda jathi vagulairabatha chooliyutham,
Mandaraguna padma kethakathou sreni lasad venikaam,
Meenakshim, madhureswareem sukhatharam sri pandya baalam bhaje. 8

Salutations to Meenakshi , who is goddess of Madhurai,
Who has a bird in her hand, who is the daughter of pandya king,
Who is gowri who has decorated her hair with champaka,
Jasmine flowers, the sweet scented Punnaga, kuntha, Jathi and Vakula,
And whose made up hair shines with rows of lotus, mandhara and pandanus flowers.

Gowrim dadima pushpa varna vilasad divyambaralankrutham,
Chandramsupama charu chamarakara sree bharathi sevitham,
Nana rathna suvarnadanda vilsan mukthatha badrojwalam,
Meenakshim, madhureswareem sukhatharam sri pandya baalam bhaje. 9

Salutations to Meenakshi , who is goddess of Madhurai,
Who has a bird in her hand, who is the daughter of pandya king,
Who is gowri, who is decorated by a cloth of the colour of pomegranate flowers,
Who is served by Lakshmi and Saraswathy who hold fans of the colour of the moon,
And who shines with multi gem studded umbrella , with a golden staff.

Vaachaa vaa manasapi vaa giri suthe, kayena vaa santhatham,
Meenaksheethi kadachid amba kuruthe , twan nama sangeerthanam,
Lakshmi sthasya gruhe vasadyanudhinam vani cha vakthambuje,
Darmathyartha chathushtayam kara thala praptham bhaven nischaya. 10

Hey ,daughter of the mountain, If any one chants your name ,
“Meenakshi”, either by words or mind or body,
Surely in his house the goddess of wealth will live forever,
And on his tongue the goddess of learning would shine,
And it is for sure that the four riches will reach his hand.

2.Meenakshi Mani Mala ashtakam
( The octet of gem studded garland to Meeanakshi)

Translated by

(Meenakshi is the presiding Goddess of the city of madhurai. She was born as a princess and daughter to the pandya king Malaya Dwaja Pandya and married Lord Sundareswarar , an incarnation of Lord shiva)

1.Madhurapuri nayike namasthe,
Malaya dwaja pandya raja Kanye.
Mayi Meenakshi krupaam videhi dhanye,

Salutations to the Goddess of city of Madhurai,
Who holds the sweet singing parrot in her pretty hands,
Who is the daughter of the King Malaya Dwaja Pandya,
Oh Meenakshi ,please shower your mercy on me , Oh blessed one.

2.Kacha nirjitha kala megha kanthe,
Kamala sevitha pada pankajanthe,
Madhura puri vallabeshta kanthe,
Mayi Meenakshi krupaam videhi santhe.

Oh God whose hair wins over rich clouds in their shine,
Oh goddess whose lotus like feet are served by Goddess Lakshmi,
Oh Goddess who is the dear wife of the lord of Madurai,
Oh Meenakshi ,please shower your mercy on me , Oh peaceful one.

3.Kucha yugma vidhootha chakravake,
Krupaya palitha sarva jeeva loke,
Malaya dwaja santhathe pathake,
Mayi Meenakshi krupaam videhi pake.

Oh Goddess who shook the horizon with the pair of her breasts,
Be kind enough to protect all people of this world,
Oh goddess who was the ever present luck of Malaya Dwaja,
Oh Meenakshi ,please shower your mercy on me , Oh matured one.

4.Vidhi vahana jethru keliyaane,
Vimathaamotana poojithaapadhane,
Madhure kshana bhava pootha meene,
Mayi Meenakshi krupaam videhi dheene.

Oh Goddess who is the playful vehicle to win over fate,
Oh Goddess who knocks down those who are averse to her and makes them worship her feet,
Oh sweet one who purified the devotees with unsteady minds,
Oh Meenakshi ,please shower your mercy on me , Oh pityful one.

5.Thapaneeya payo jini thatasthe,
Thuhina prayaMaheedharo dharasthe,
Madha Nari pargruhe, krutharthe,
Mayi Meenakshi krupaam videhi sarthe.

Oh Goddess who lives in the banks of a river with warm water,
Oh Goddess who lives on the snow flake mountain,
Oh darling of the enemy of the god of love and one who is contented,
Oh Meenakshi ,please shower your mercy on me , Oh meaningful one.

6.Kala Keera kalokthi nadha dakshe,
Kali thaneka jagannivasi rakshe,
Madanaa suka halla kantha paane,
Mayi Meenakshi krupaam videhi praveene.

Oh Goddess who makes the dumb parrot talk words of art,
Oh Goddess who protects the universe from the ills of kali age,
Oh goddess who holds the parrot of the god of love and the red lotus in her hands,
Oh Meenakshi ,please shower your mercy on me , Oh expert.

7.Madhu vairi vinchi mukhya sevye,
Manasaa bhavitha chandra mouli savye.
Tharasaa paripooritha yagna havye,
Mayi Meenakshi krupaam videhi bhavye

Oh Goddess whose main follower is Brahma, the enemy of Madhu,
Oh Goddess who mentally displays Lord Shiva on her right.
Oh Goddess who directly completes the fire sacrifices,
Oh Meenakshi ,please shower your mercy on me , Oh Goddess with humility.

8.Jagadamba Kadamba moola vase,
Kamala modakendu mandahase.
Mada mandira charu druk vilase,
Mayi Meenakshi krupam videhi dase.

Oh mother of all universe,
Who lives below a Kadamba tree,
Who has a face like the full moon and Lotus,
Who bestows the world with her sweet smile,
Whose beautiful vision occupies the Madura temple,
And who is my Goddess Meenakshi,
Kindly shower your grace on this your slave.

9.Padatham anisam prabhatha kale,
Mani malashtakam ashta bhoothi dhayi,
Ghatika satha chathurim pradadhyaath,
Karuna poorna kadaksha sannivesath.

Reading this garland of gems in the morning,
Without break would give the reader the eight types of wealth,
And he also would be offered with great cleverness,
In case of a merciful look from her.

3.Madhura madhura


Dayanantha Saraswathi

Translated by


Raga Bhageswari
Thala Thisra Eka


Madhura Madhura Meenakshi,
Madhura puri nilaye , Amba , jagadamba


Madhura madhura Vag vilasini ,
Mathangi, Marakathangi,
Mathar mama hrudaya vilasini ,
Maam pahi santhapariharini


Sundareshwara bhageswari ,
Suvaradi Jagadeeswari chaye,
Pathit athma paritharini maye,
Parama guhya parabrahma sahaye.

English translation


Oh sweet Meenakshi of Madhurai,
Who lives in the town of Madhurai ,
Oh mother, Oh mother of the world.


Of goddess with sweet , sweet word usage,
Daughter of Mathanga , She who wears emeralds,
The mother who shines in my mind,
Protect me, Oh destroyer of sorrow.


She who is the partner of Lord Sundareshwara,
She who gives good boons and goddess of all worlds,
The Maya who redeems the fallen souls ,
She who is the most secret helper of Para Brahma.

4.Meenalochana Brova


Shyama Shastri

Translated by


Raga Dhanyasi
Thala MIshra Chapu


Meenalochana brova yochana
deenajanavana Amba Brova


Gana vinodhini samanamu
jagana gana namma devi


1,Kannatalli kada na vinnappamu vinavamma,
Pannaga bhooshananiki Rani,
Ninnu vina ilalo dara Verevru unnaramma,
Bangaru bomma

2.Indu mukhi neevu varamulosagi,
Na mundu vachi daya sayayamma,
Kunda mukundaradhana himagiri Kumari,
Kaumari Parameshwari.

3.Samaja gamana neevu thamasamannu cheyyakka,
Shyama Krishna Sodari rave ,
Kama palini , bhavani ,
Chandra Kala Dharini, nirada veni.

English translation


Protect me Meenakshi,
And why this hesitation, Oh mother,
To protect this oppressed one.


Goddess who enjoys music who has no equals in this world,
In music oh our Goddess.


1. Are you not my mother, please hear my requests,
Oh queen of the God who decorates himself with snakes,
In this world who else is there, golden idol.

2. Moon faced one, grant me boons,
After appearing before me and
Show mercy on me,
Goddess With jasmine like teeth,
Who is the daughter of Himalayas,
Who is forever a lass and the greatest Goddess.

3.Your gait is like an elephant ,
Please do not make delay
And come Oh sister of black Krishna,
Who wears the crescent on her cloud like tresses.

5,Nalanguidugiral Meeana Lochani

Translated by


(These are sung during Nalungu which is a play between the groom and bride meant to break the ice.)


Nalangidugiral Meena Lochini


1.Nalangidugiral Meena Lochani,
Nadarudan Vandu Kooda,
Naradarum Nalla Ganangalai Pada,
Nana Vida Taalam Poda,

2.Neela Varna Divya Manjalai Edutthu,
Nithyanandarai Kurithu,
Poorithu, Bhoopathi Padathile Ittal,
Pushpa Haram Marbil Pottal.

3.Swarna Panneer Chombai-Jothi eduthal,
Sundareswarar Mel Thelithal,
Vasanai Kalanda Parimalam Poosinal,
Vanangi Chamaram Veesinal

4.Visthiramai Neenda Nettiyai Thottal,
Kasthuri Thilagangal Ittal,
Malligaiyai Chelli Kai Ale Thelithal,
Maha devar Veniyile Mudithal

5.Thanga Thambalam Thaga Thaga endru Eduthal,
Thamboolangaludan Koduthal,
Munnale Nandraga Pathiyam Padithal,
Meenakshi Priyal Manasai Sada Pidithal

(Translated in to free English verse)

Our girl Meenalochani,
Is decorayting her darling


1.When she came with her husband,
Narada sang beautiful songs,
And all kept different beats.
2.Taking the blue coloured divine turmeric,
Thinking of him who is happy for ever,
With happiness filling her mind,
She decorated the feet of her king.

3.Golden pitcher with scented water she took,
And sprinkled on the God of beauty
And applied she scented balms,
And also fanned him with peacock feathers

4.She caressed his wide long forehead,
And applied round dot with musk divine,
And took jasmine flowers in a lot,
And put it in his made up hair.

5.She took a glittering gold plate ,
And gave him with Thamboola,
And also sang nice Pathiyams,
And thus our darling Meenakshi caught hold of his mind.

6.Meenakshi thaaye

K.N.Dandayudapani pillai

Translated by

Ragam Abhogi
Talam Aadhi

Meenakshi thaaye arul purivaye ,
Malayadwajan seye , Madurai vazzh maaye

Vanorgal magizhnthidum , Vaiathor pugazhnthidum,
Vahanai manthanaye , Vamathil inainthanaye

Mahishasuranin siram vizha Seythaye ,
Marakatha meniyodu thavam purinthaye,
Makara yaazhil swara bhavam kandaye ,
Mathi mukhamum ser vizhiyum kondaye.

English translation

Mother Meenakshi shower your grace ,
Daughter of Malayadwaja , Oh Goddess of Madurai

You married the god praised by devas ,
Who makes the devas happy,
And merged in to his left side

You cut and fell the head of Mahishasura,
You did penance with the emerald body of yours,
You sang and found musical notes in Makara Veena,
You had a face like moon and fish like eyes.

7,Yen indha thamadham Meenakshi


Neelakanta sivan

(Sage Neelakanta Sivan was a great composer belonging to South Travancore and lived at the end of 19th century. Though a very great composer of Carnatic music Krithis, very many people do not know about him. His Disciple Papanasam Sivan is however well known. as well as give a very detailed account of this composer and his Krithis. Though he is said have composed over 2000 Krithis very few of them are now available.)

Ragam Nattaikurinji
Thalam Aadhi

Yen indha thamatham Meenakshi , manam,
Irangi vandhu thanthu arum thiru kakshi

Nee ninainthal nadavathathum undo,
Nithya Kalyani , yen pethavale kandayi

Sodhanaiyam yendralum naan manam porukken,
Thurumbena thallinalum ini unai verukken,
Nee thanai aalavayil Neelakandanai mevi,
Niranthara arul purinthu yethum tharum para devi.

English translation

Why this delay Meenakshi , please come,
Take mercy and show me your divine form.

Is there anything which will not happen as per your wish,
Oh forever holy one, oh my mother , can’t you see

Even if it is a test , I cannot control my mind,
Even if you forsake me like a dried grass , I will not hate you,
Oh Goddess , you who have depended on God of Madhurai,
Oh great goddess, please shower and fulfill all my wishes.


Rengasamy Ramaswami said...

As a person born, brought up and continue to live in Madurai, I bow before you for this beautiful write up. It is really extensive. Empress will shower her blessings on you.

P.R. Ramachander said...

THanks , My dear friend.May Goddess bless you for the prompt comments, Ramachander