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Chol vanmai-65th Chapter of Thirukural- (Talking skill )

Chol vanmai-65th   Chapter of Thirukural-
(Talking   skill   )

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( Abilitity  to get things done also depends  on our skill to talk  , says Thiruvalluvar.)

1.Naa nalam yenum  nalanudamai, annalam,
Yaanalathu ullathoom   andru.

1.The skill  to talk well is  like a wealth  to a person,
And that wealth  is greater  than all wealth one has.

2.AAkkamum  kedum  athanaal   varuthalaal,
Kathombal   chollin kan chorvu.

2.Because good words lead to wealth  and bad  words lead to destruction,
It is very necessary   to avoid  mistakes in one’s words.

3,Kettar pinikkum thagayavai kelaarum,
Vetpa mozhivathaam chol.

3.Ability  in talk consists of being able to steal the minds of those who hear,
And   making those  who have not heard it , desire to hear it.

4.Thiran arinthu cholluka chollai  , aranum,
Porulum  athanin oongu  yil.

4.Talk  after knowing  the situation for there is nothing  greater than  that ,
To increase  the Dharma    and wealth .

5.Chollum chollai pirioithor chol achollai,
Chollum chol inmai     arinthu.

5.When we talk  only  after great  thought about some thing,
in such a way  no one   would be able  to tell anything  to say “no” to it.

6.Vetpathaam cholli  pirar chol payan kotal,
Matchiyin masaththar  kol.

6.WE should tell words  that   are  liked by others  and when others tell,
We should  understand  only  the use I of it  and this  ,
Is the way  adopted   by those who have not done  any  evil.

7.  Cholal vallavan  chorvilan  anjaan   avanai,
Ikal  vellal   akkum arithu.

7.No body can  defeat a person  with expertise in speech,
Who never  commits  any mistakes and is not scared  by any one.

8.Virainthu thozhil ketkum  jnalam  niranthinithu ,
Cholluthal  vallaar   perin.

8,Telling whatever  he wants in a proper  order and that ,
Too sweetly would make  the world accept it   quickly.

9.Pala cholla kamaruvar  mandra masu  aththa  ,
Chila chollal  thethaathavar,

9.Those who want to talk  a lot  by those   who ,
Cannot talk atleast few words without fault.

10.Ina  choozhnthum  naaRaa malaranayar   kaththathu,
Unara virinthurayaa thaar.

10.Those  who do not know  how to explain   what they have read,
To others are like  the flowers that are in a bunch  but do not  spread its scent.

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