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Sri Agneeswarar – Karuthaar-kuzhali Ammai Temple, Thirupugalur, Nagappattinam District, Tamil Nadu

Sri Agneeswarar – Karuthaar-kuzhali Ammai Temple, Thirupugalur, Nagappattinam District, Tamil Nadu

Compiled by
Elango Kadirvel

Ø  Thiru-pugalur is a village panchayat located in the Nagappattinam district of Tamil-Nadu
Ø  The temple is located on Nagappatinam to Nannilam bus route, towards 25 kilometers west to Nagappatinam
Ø  It is about 255 kilometers from the State Capital city Chennai and about 120 kilometers from Pondicherry

Presiding Deities
Ø  Sri Gnana Vinayaka
Ø  Sri Agneeswarar (Lord Shiva), also known as a Sri Kona-Piran
Ø  Goddess Karuthaar-kuzhali (Goddess Parvathi)

Ø  The temple is believed to have been built about 1,500 years ago
Ø  The temple deity has been revered and sung by The Moovar (the three most revered Saint Shaivite Tamil Poets, GnanaSambandar, Appar (Thirunaavukarasar) and Sundarar)

Ø  Saint Poet Thirunaavukarasar attains Salvation
o   In this sacred temple, Saint Poet Thirunaavukarasar also known as Appar attained salvation after serving the Lord by cleaning the temple ground and path to enable devotees to walk comfortably
o   He sang his last hymn (99th) of the Sixth TalaMurai here at this temple
Ø  Muruga Nayanar, one among the 63 celebrated Shaivite Nayanmaars was born here
Ø  Lord Agni graces in the temple with 7 Jyothi lines, five hands and three legs, as a rare idol
Ø  Presiding Deity as Sri Kona-Piran
o   The Shiva Linga is slightly titled, so the name, Kona-Piran (Kona in Tamil means, slant/tilt)
Ø  Anugraha Shani
o   The temple has a single shrine for Emperor Nala and Lord Shani (Saturn)
o   After King Nala came out of a bath from the Bana Theertha (in this Temple), a voice from Lord Shani (Saturn) said that He would leave the king from his adverse aspects at ThiruNallaru 7 kilometeres far from this temple
o   Lord Shani (Saturn) is this temple is praised as “Anugraha Shani”– merciful Shani
Ø  This is a temple noted for Vasthu prayers
o   Before beginning the construction, devotees from nearby places bring the bricks to the temple, perform pooja and take them back for the building work

Ø  Banasura belonging to the demon community, wanted to facilitate his mother’s Shiva puja (His mother was a staunch Shiva Devotee), Banasura was bringing many Swayambu-Linga (Swayambu meaning appearing on Its own)
Ø  He once came to Thiru-Pugalur
Ø  He found a Swayambu-Linga but could not move it
Ø  He dug a deep and vast Agazhi (pit) around the temple and tried to move the Linga again but in vain, except that the Agazhi was full of water springing from the ground
o   This Agazhi is known as the Agni Theertha or Bana Theertha
Ø  He decided to end himself in frustration
Ø  A voice from the sky told Banasura, “I will make Myself present for your mother’s Shiva puja”
o   Lord in the name of Kona-Piran with Punnai flowers on HIS head, appeared before Banasura's mother
Ø  After the puja was over, Lord returned to Thiru-Pugalur

Name Reason for the Lord Sri Agneeswarar
Ø  This is the place where Lord Agni worshipped Lord Shiva and got relieved from a curse – So the Presiding Deity is called Agneeswarar
o   Though Agni has no form as such, He appears here with two faces, 7 hands, 7 jwala sparks, four horns and 3 feet
o   This is a very rare Lord Agni idol, which cannot be found elsewhere

Ø  According to the Sthala Purana, Goddess Karuthaar-kuzhali Herself as a midwife took care of a woman in labour pain and ensured safety to both mother and child
Ø  The grace of Mother Goddess Karuthaar-kuzhali  towards Her devotees is boundless
o   "Sool" in Tamil means pregnancy
o   As SHE took care of a woman during her labour time and ensured safe delivery of the child, She is praised as "Soolikaambaal"

Quotes/Hymns -  Tamil Hymn by Sri Thirunaavukarasar, also known as Appar (Stanza from the Final Hymn composed by the Saint before His Salvation)
தெருளாதார் மூஎயிலும் தீயில் வேவ,சிலை வளைத்து, செங் கணையால் செற்ற தேவே!மருளாதார்தம் மனத்தில் வாட்டம் தீர்ப்பாய்!மருந்துஆய்ப் பிணி தீர்ப்பாய், வானோர்க்கு என்றும்!அருள்ஆகி, ஆதிஆய், வேதம்ஆகி,அலர்மேலான் நீர்மேலான் ஆய்ந்தும் காணாப்
பொருள்ஆவாய்! உன் அடிக்கே போதுகின்றேன் - பூம் புகலூர் மேவிய புண்ணியனே!

Transliterated Text
TheruLaathaar moo-yeilum theeyil Veva,
Silai vaLaithu, Seng-kaNNaiyaal setra TheVe!
MaruLaathaar-tham manathil vaatham theerpaai!
Marunthu-Aaip piNi theerpaai, vaanorkku endrum!
Arul-aagi, Aathi-aai, Vetham-aagi,
alarMelaan neerMelaan aainthum aaNaap
porul-aavaai! Un adike podukinren –
Poon Pugalur Meviya puNNiyaNe!

The Merciful Sublime Lord at ThiruPugalur
                YOU Destroyed the three forts of Tirupurasura with YOUR Arrow
                YOU Remove the troubles from the minds of the devotees who focus on You with clarity
                YOU are the Medicine for all ills
                YOU are the FORM of GRACE for all beings
                YOU are the BEGINNING of all
                YOU are the Revered Vedas
                YOU are the Beyond the search of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu
We surrender!


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