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Avai Anjamai-73rd Chapter of Thirukkural- (Not getting scared of the audience)

Avai  Anjamai-73rd  Chapter  of Thirukkural-
(Not getting scared   of the audience)

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(THiruvalluvar feels   that  one of the essential qualities of a speaker , is not getting  scared of the audience . He says  just like only some soldiers fight courageously and die,  Only good speakers    do not get scared  of any audience.)

1.Vakai   arinthu vallavai  vaai choraar  chollin  ,
Thogai arintha   thooymai yavar.

1,Very learned people, after understanding  the nature of audience  ,
Would  not   make errors   even  by mistakes.

2.Kaththarul  kaththaar yenapadupavar, kaththaar mun,
Kaththa   chela   cholluvaar.

2.Those who can make  learned people  understand  what they have learnt,
Would be regarded  as learned among learned  people.

3.Pagayakathu  chaavaar  yeliyar , Ariyar  ,
Avayakathu  anjathavar.

3.There are many   who courageously   fight enemies and die,
But only few can address  without fear   a learned   audience 

4.Kathaar  mun   kaththa  chela cholli  thaam katha,
Mikkarul   mikka kolal  .

4.A person should  be able to tell clearly  a group of  learned people,
But   attempt to learn from people   who are  more learned   than him.

5.Aaththin alavu arinthu karka , avai anjaa ,
Maththam  koduthal  poruttu.

5.Various  learned books    should be properly learnt , for the purpose,
Of fearless answering questions from such books   by the   learned people.

6.Vaaloden  van kannar  allarkku  nooloden  ,
NUnnavai  anjupavarkku.

6.What is the relation with sword  to those who are  not fearless  soldiers,
And What is their relation with learned books  to those  who are scared  to address  the audience.

7.Pagayakathu  pedikai   olva;  avayakathu ,
Anjumavan   kaththa  nool.

7.The books that are learnt   by one  who is  scared  to address  the audience,
Are similar to sharp sword with a coward  in the battle   field.

8.Pallavai  kaththum bayamilare  nallavayul,
Nanku chela   chollaa thaar.

8.Those  who are not able to address  a learned audience well,
In spite of their learning  great books are  useless   to the world.

9.Kallathavarin kadai yenba  kaththarinthum,
Nalllaar   avai anjuvaar.

9.If those  who  are very learned  are  scared  of the audience  ,
Are even worse  than those  who are learned.

10.Ular yeninum  yillarodu  oppar  kalan anji ,

Kaththu  chela chollathavar.

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