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Natparaithal-80th chapter of THirukural- (Investigating a friendship)

Natparaithal-80th  chapter  of THirukural-
(Investigating a friendship)

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(The  poet is of the opinion that one should accept from  a person   only after thoroughly investigating him. Being born in a good family , being afraid of bad name, willingness to help  in time of crisis etc   are important criterian for a   suitable   friend)

1.Nadathu  nattalir  kedillai , nattapin ,
Vedillai   natpalpavarkku.

1,A man developing  friendship cannot  leave the  friendship later,
So  there is nothing   bad like  friendship without  investigation

2.AAitnthainthu  kollaathaan  kenmai  kadaimurai  ,
THanchan  thuyaram tharum.

2.The friendship  entered in to without investigation after investigation,
Would    give him sorrow that  would  cause his death.

3.Kunanum  kudimayum  kuthamum knundraa
Inanum  arinthiyaakka  natpu.

3.You should enter in to a  friendship  after investigating ,
His character, heritage , crimes and reltive and friends.

4.Kudi piranthu  than kan  pazhi nanu  vaanai,
Koduthum kolal vendum  natpu.

4.If a person is born in a good family  and is afraid,
Of possible bad name , his friendship should be sought,
By all the things   that  he may want  ,

5,Azha cholli allathu  idithu  vazhakkariya,
Vallaar  natpu  aainthu kolal.

5.You should  investigate   and search   for a  person  ,
Who would make   you cry if you do an act against the rules  ,
And would punish you  for it  and make him your friend.

6.Kettinum  undu oar  uruthi  kilainjarai  ,
Neeti   alappathu   oar  kol.

6.Even at bad times a person   has  good because of it,
For that bad time would help him measure ,
The  good qualities   of  his friend.

7.Oothiyam yenpathu  oruvarkku  pethayaar  ,
Kenmai   ore vidal.

7.The  great  salary that  one can get is  , the state,
Where  he can avoid  friendship of ignorant people .

8.Ullarkka  ullam  chirukuva  , kollarkka ,
Allal kan  aaththu  aruppaar natpu.

8.You should never  have thoughts  which reduce your enthusiasm,
And also leave friends who do not help you  in times of misfortune.

9.Kedumkalsi  kai viduvaar  kenmai  adumkalai  ,
Ullinum  ullam kedum.

9.Going away from person when he is in bad times is not friendship,
For that thought   even  while he is dying  , would  hurt  him.

10.Vizhayaar  vizhaya padupa , Pazhayaar kan ,
PaNbin   thalai  piriyaathaar.

10.Those   who do not  forget  old friends  even when they  ,
Cause problems  , would  be liked even by their friends.

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