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Porul cheyal vagai-76th chapter of Thirukural- (The ways wealth acts)

Porul cheyal vagai-76th chapter  of Thirukural-
(The  ways wealth   acts)

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(THiruvalluvar emphasizes    the role that wealth plays  in life of a person/country. He says a wealthy person is not found fault  but whatever a poo person does is wrong. A chapter  that is very relevant   to modern times.)

1.Porulallavarai porulaaka cheyyum,
Porulallathu illai porul.

1.It is nothing but wealth   that makes a person  something,
Even though the person  is not reckoned  as something.

2.Yillarayum yellarum  yeLLuvar  chelvarai,
Yellarum  chivar cheirappu.

2.The one who does not have  wealth  is found fault by all,
And the  one who has wealth   is appreciated by all.

3.Porulennum poyya vilakkum irul arukkum,
Yenniya  theyathu  chendru.

3.The  ever shining   lamp of wealth  would  remove  the darkness      of enmity,
And would take him  to   all that places  that  he wants (all countries he wants)

4.Aran yeenum  inbamum  yeenum  thiranarinthu <
Theethindru vandha  porul.

4,The wealth   earned  by  a person, who knows  the  proper  way to earn,
Without causing    any type of sorrow to any one, would give him Dharma as  well as pleasure.

5,Arulodum anbodum  Vaaraa porul aakkam,
Pullaar  puraLa  vidal.

5.Wealth earned  without  grace   and mercy  ,
Should  be  completely abandoned.

6.Uru porulum   ulku porulum  than  onnar,
Theru porulum  Vendhan porul.

6.Wealth  with the government , tax collected  and,
What has been got from enemies   are  the  wealth   of the ruler.

7,Arulenum anbin  kuzhavi porulenum,
Chelva  chevilyal undu.

7.The baby called love born to the  mother called grace ,
Would be looked after by the foster  mother  called wealth.

8.Kundreri  yanai por  kandaththaal   than kaithondru ,
Undaka cheivan vinai,

8.If one does an act with sufficient   wealth in hand  ,
It is like   watching  elephant’s fight   standing on a hill top.

9.Cheika  porulai  cherunar cherukkarukkum  ,
Yekkathanil   kooriyathu yil.

9.Save wealth  for it cuts the pride  of enemies(competitors),
And there is no other sharper  weapon than that.

10.ON porul  kaazhppa  iyaththiyaarkku   yen porul ,
Yenai   irandum   orungu.

10. To those   who have earned wealth in a proper way  ,
The  two wealth  of dharma   and  joy  would come together.

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