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Aran-75th Chapter of Thirukkural- (Security/Fort)

Aran-75th  Chapter  of Thirukkural-

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(Strength of the fort  is important for a country   during those days.THiruvalluvar  lists the needs of a  good   fort and  the  defending  country.)

1.Aathupavarkkum  aran  porul , anjithan  ,
Pothupavarkkum  porul.

1.Security o is need to those go for war   and,
To those   who  are attacked.
(Word competition in business  can replace war)

2.Mani neerum , mannum malayum  ani nizhal ,
Kadum udayathu aran.

2.Security can be made of   gem like water(moat) ,
Empty   grounds   and  forest with pretty shade  .

3.Uyarvakalam  thinmai  arumai  innankin,
Amaivaran  yendruraikkum nool.

3.Learned people say   that  the built security  should have ,
Four properties  of height, breadth , strength and unapprochability.

4.Chirukappin peridathathaki uru pakai,
Ookkam azhipatharan.

4.A built security should have narrow entrance,   wide interiors,
And should destroy enthusiasm   of those   who come to attack.

5.Kolarkku arithai konda koozhthu  aaki agathaar,
Nilaikku yelithaam   neerathu    aran.

5. A built  security  should be difficult to capturem, posses  sufficient,
Food material   to live and should be easy  for people inside to defend.

6. Yella  porulum udaithai   idathu udhavum  ,
Nal aal   udayathu   aran,

6.A fort  should have sufficient materials to live for those  inside,
And should posses valorous   soldiers to help in critical times.

7.Muthiyum muthaathu  yerinthum   aria paduthum  ,
Paththrkku    ariyathu   aran.

7.A good fort  should be one which cannot   easily   by enemies,
By holding a siege , fighting it out and  several  cheating methods,.

8.Muthu aathi  muthi  yavarayum   paththu aaththi  ,
Pathiyaar  velvathu aran.

8.A  fort should  deter    enemies   from putting a long siege ,
And help  those people inside it achieve  victory.

9.Munai mukathu   maaththalar   chaya  vinai mukathu  ,
Veeru yeithi   mandathu  aran.

9.Fort   is the one  which has valorous soldiers , who fight,
So that the soldiers who have a  siege  would be  destroyed    in front of it.

10.Yenai matchithu   aakiya kannum  , vinai matchi  ,
Illar kan   illathu aran.

10.Whatever  may be the  greatness  of the fort , it is useless ,
If the army  defending  it is not strong.

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