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Mannarai chernthozhukal-70th chapter of Thirukural- (being with the king/boss)

Mannarai chernthozhukal-70th chapter of Thirukural-
(being with  the king/boss)

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(THiruvalluvar says you should not either be near nor far away from the boss and he should mot long things which the boss pines for.)

1.Akalaathu , aNukathu  theekaivar  polka,
Ikalvendhar  chernthozhukuvaar

1.Without going far away, without out going  near,
They would move  with king at war like   they are  before the fire place.

2.Mannar vizhaya  vizhayaamai  mannaraan ,
Manniya aakkam tharum.

2.People   should not  wish for things that king/boss  pines for ,
And this  would give them permanent  prosperity.

3.Pothin ariyanau  poththal kaduthapin,
Theththuthal  yaarkkum  arithu.

3.Since it is difficult to pacify  an angry king/boss,
Those with him  should not commit inexcusable  mistakes.

4.Chevi chollum   cherntha nagayum  avinthozhukal,
Aandra periyoragathu.

4When you are  with  bigger  people like  the king/boss,
Avoid murmuring in ears to friends  and  combined smile.

5.Yepporulum oraar thodaraar maththa porulai,
Vittakkal  ketka  marai.

  5.When king/boss talks a secret , concentrated over hearing ,
Or following him and asking is not done but  his assistants have to wait till he tells them.

6.Kuripparinthu  kalam karuthi veruppila,
Vendhpa vetpa  cholal

6.Noticing his mood , seeing  for the  proper time, tell,
Those words he like . which would do him good.

7.Vetpana cholli vinayil yenjjandrum ,
Ketpinum  cholla vidal .

7.Those persons should tell the king/boss those useful  words,
Which  he likes  to hear, even   without   his asking.

8.Yilayar   yila murayar   yendikazhaar   nindra ,
Oliyodozhuka ppadum.

8.A person   should move   with king /boss  in a proper manner ,
Without berating them thinking  they are younger to me  and they are of this type.

9.Kola pattom yendrenni  kollatha cheyyar  ,
Thulakaththa   kalchiyavar.

9.Those wise people  without confusion  thinking  that,
“We have been accepted” would not do acts  that he does not like .

10.Pazhayam yena karuthi panpalla   cheyyum,
Kezhuthagaimai  kedu tharum,

10.Those  who do  unsuitable acts  thinking  they are old friends,
Of the king/boss, Would bring him  bad results.

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