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Kuripparithal-71st chapter of Thirukural- (understanding signs made)

Kuripparithal-71st chapter of Thirukural-
(understanding signs  made)

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  ( It is essential for your assistant to know what you indicate by some sign because  most of the time you may not be able to tell your orders due to circumstances beyong your control. Valluvar says  that eye is useless if it cannot understand sugns)

1.Kooramai nokki  kuripparivaan   yejjandrum ,
Maaraaneer vaiya  kani.

1.The person who can understand the thought  of  others,
Without them telling it, would be an never  drying  ornament  to this world.

2.Iyya padathu  akathathu unarvaanai,
Deivathodu  oppa kolal.

2.He who can understand the inner thoughts of others without doubt,
Is comparable    only to God.

3.Kurippir kurippunarvaarai  uruppinuL,
Yaathu koduthum kolal.

3.Those who can  understands your inner thoughts by signs,
Should be hired  paying    any cost,

4.Kurithathu koramai  koLLaarodenai,
Uruppor  anayaraal veRu,

.4.Those great people who understand  their inner thoughts by signs,
Though similar in body  are  different  in wisdom  from others.

5.Kurippin kurippunaraavayin  uruppinul,
Yenna payathavo  kangal.

5.If an eye cannot  see the thoughts of others by their signs,
What is the use  of that organ called   eye.

6.Aduthathu kaattum palingu poal nenjam,
Kaduthathu kattum mukham.

6.Just like   the capacity  of crystal to show  what  nears it,
The face  would show the inner thoughts of the mind.

7.Mukhathin  muthukkurainthathu  undo uvappinum,
Kayinum  thaan munnorum.

7.The great wisdom  would show what one
 Likes or dislikes and is  there anything greater  than that.

8.Mukham nokki  nirkka amayum  akam nokki,
Uththathu  unarvaar   perin.

8.If you get a person who can understand  you,
Just seeing the face, It is sufficient if he sees the face  of  others.

9.pagaimayum   kenmayum   kan uraikkum, Kannin,
Vagaimai   unarvaar  perin.

9.If you get  a person who can study the eyes,
He can understand enmity and friendliness  from eye  only.

10.Nunniyam yenbaar  alakkum kol kanumkal,
Kannallathu   illai  pira.

10.Properly analyzed  the scale used  by those who claim

To have a sharp brain  is nothing but eyes of others.

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