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Amaichu-64th chapter of Thirukural- (Job of a minister/consultant)

Amaichu-64th chapter  of Thirukural-
(Job of  a minister/consultant)

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(From this chapter  onwards  Thiruvalluvar   gives more emphasis  on  royal duties.But if we  take  Minister  to mean  Consultant/Adviser,  Everything he   tells   about minister  is true even today .Valluvar says  a minister   should plan his jobs properly  try to weaken the enemy(competitor ) and so on .Even if you are  a modern person read it   with this in mind)

1.Karuviyum  kalamum   cheikayum   cheyyum,
Aruvinayum maandathu  amaichu.

1.Getting the equipment , finding suitable time  and finding out  the way to  a job,
And planning    to do  it properly    is the  job of the minister.

2.Van kaN  kudi kathal   , katharithal  , AALvinayodu,
Iynthudan   maandathu   amaichu.

2,A minister is the one with qualities  of good heritage ,
Natural bent for protection,  reading of many books,
Accumulating the knowledge out of reading  and  effort.

3.Pirithalum   peni kolalum   pirithaar ,
POruthalum   vallathu   amaichu.

3.Causing   separation of friends of enemies , Making them friends of his own king.
And putting great effort to   bring back friends   who have left  is the minister’s job.

4.Therithalum  , thernthu cheyalum  , oru thalaya,
Cholalum   vallathu amaichu.

4.Understanding a job, acting based  on that understanding ,
And taking  decision on one approach   out of the many is the  job of  the minister.

5.Aranarinthu  aandramaintha  chollaan  uenjandrum,
THiranarinthan  therchi thuni.

5.A minister  should know the Dharma  involved in a decision  and should,
Recommend  it with wisdom  and peace  and must know   the possible good and bad  of that action,

6.Mathi nutpam noolodu  udayaarkku  , athi nutpam ,
Yavulla   munnirpavai.

6,. When minister  possesses sharp intelligence , knows wisdom from books,
Which great  strategies  are capable of standing before him.,

7.Cheyarkai   arintha kadiyjum  , ulagathu  ,
Iyarkkai    arinthu   cheyal.

7.Though a minister knows how   to act by his  intelligence  and wisdom from books ,
He should take the final decision   based on  time   and state  of affairs.

8. Arikondru  ariyaan   yeninum   uruthi ,
Uzhai irunthan kooral  kadan.

8.If a king does not agree  to words of wise people   and himself does not know   anything,
It is the duty of  the minister to explain to him the true   state.

9.Pazhuthennum  manthiriyin  pakkathul thevvaor,
Ezhupathu kodi urum.

9.If  a minister who wants to do evil to   the king is nearby to advice him,
Seventy crores of enemies who oppose him are  better.

10.Muraipada  choozhnthum  mudivilave  chivar  ,
Thirappadu ilaathavar.

10 .Capacity for thinking should be present with capacity to act  ,
If a minister does not have them the job would be unfinished.

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