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Pakai thiram arithal-88th Chapter of Thirukkural- (Knowing power of enemy.)

Pakai thiram arithal-88th  Chapter  of  Thirukkural-
(Knowing  power of enemy.)

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(Thiruvalluvar though he does not like enmity , tells us which enemies are  the worst,.)

1.Pakai yenum panpilathanai   oruvan,
Nakayeyum   vendar paththu  andru.

1, Even as   a mere sport   a  person,
Should not like  the evil called  enmity.

2,Viller uzhavar pakai kolinum  kollarkka,
Choller uzhavar pakai.

2.You can make   an expert in bow  as enemy,
But never an expert in use  of words.

3.Yemuththavarinum ezhai  thamiyanaai  ,
Pallaar pakai  kolpavan.

3. A Person who is alone making number of  enemies,
Would be considered  far worse  than a mad person.

4.Pakai natpaa kondozhukum  panbudayaalan,
Thakaimaikan   thangithu  ulagu.

4. The greatness  of a good person capable  of making 
Even his enemy as   friend would  stay   in this world,

5.Than thunaii indraal  pakai yirandaal   thanoruvan,
In thunayaa kolkavaththin  ondru,

5.If there is none to support   and   if there  are two enemies
To a   single person, he should make  one enemy his friend.

6.Therinum theraa vidinum  azhivinkan,
Theraan  pakaaan vidal.

6.If we know about  or not know about   a person,
When   trouble comes, we should neither join him or remove him.

7.Novarkka nonthathu  ariyaarkku  mevarkka,
Menmai pagaivar akathu.

7.We should not tell our sorrow to a person  who  does not know it himself,
And like that   we should never inform our weakness  to the enemy.

8.Vagai arinthu  than cheithu  than kappa maayum,
Pakaivar  kan patta   cherukku.

8.Suppose a person knows what to do  and  arranges for  all  things that are  needed,
And is capable  of protecting himself, the pride of enemy  would be destroyed.

9.Ilaithaka  mul maram  kolka  kalayunar  ,
Kai kollum   kaazhtha   idathu.

9.A thorny tree should be destroyed  even when  is young,
For when it grows  up , it would hurt  the hand of a person  who cuts it.

10.Uyirppa   ularallar  mandra  cheyirppavar,
CHemmal  chithaikkalaathaar,

10.Those who cannot destroy the  pride  of   their enemies,
Cannot keep  their life  till he completes  his breathing  and this is for sure.

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