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A note of Venkatachalapathi temple thirupathi and few stotras and few Carnatic Krithis about it

Venakatesa /Balaji/Malayappa  is the  divine God   of the  Great  temple at Thirupathi . He is considered as Kaliyuga Varada  and this belief has been proved   amply by the millions of people who visit  this temple every week. A very short note   and 7 stotras and 11 Krithis about  him , is what I could contribute .Please pray this great Lord and get rid of all  your problems.

A note of Venkatachalapathi  temple thirupathi   and few stotras and few  Carnatic Krithis about it

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THirupathi temple of Venkidachalapathi (lord of Venkata  Mountains)  also called  as Venkatesa, Srinivasa , Balaji, Ezhumalai vasa , Ezhu kondlavadu  etc   is  the richest temple in the world in terms of its assets as well   as the daily   donations received by it .The  temple  is situated   on the Seshachalam  mountains. This mountain has seven peaks viz  Seshadri  , Neeladri  , Garudadri  , Anjanadri  ,Vrushabadri, Narayanadri  and Venkatadri. The Thirupathi temple is situated  on the top most peak Venkatadri.  Devotees believe that , seshachalam hills   is only an altered form of Adhisesha. There is a very interesting story of how  Adhisesha    took the form of the mountain. It seems  Adhisesha   and  Vayu deva(wind God)   once had a big quarrel    and   Sage Narada    suggested that   they fight it out .Adhi sesha then came to the place of Seshachala   and embracing  the mountain stood tight . Vayu deva then  in the form of huge cyclone tried to move   Adhisesha  . When  the fight started causing harm to the world, the gods interfered and requested Adhi sesha to give up. But he preferred to stay on earth as the Seshachala mountain. When Lord Vishnu   took the incarnation of Varaha    to save the earth,  after killing Hiranyaksha , when he came back to earth  , he decided to stay here .His is the oldest and first   temple  on the Seshachala hills called Adhi Varaha temple or Bhoovaraha temple .Then in Kali age  Lord Vishnu   decided   to come and stay on the top of Venkatachala  in a place very near   to the place  where Adhi Varaha   was staying. This again is an interesting story. Once sage Narada   seeing the great sages performing a yajna , wanted them to decide who was the greatest god. Sage Brugu was entrusted this job of finding out . The angry sage was not even noticed  by Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma.So when he came to the abode of Lord Vishnu , he came in a very angry mood. When he saw that  Lord Vishnu was sleeping he kicked  Lord Vishnu on his chest.Lord Vishnu got up and apologized to the sage  and caressed the sages feet, saying it might have pained.  The sage deciding  Lord Vishnu was greatest  went back. But Goddess Lakshmi   became infuriated and left  heavens and went and stayed  in Kolhapur  in Maharashta and started meditating.  Lord Vishnu  unable to bear Goddess Lakshmi’s absence   reached Seshachalam   and started meditating .  Lord Shiva took the form a cow ( was given to a chola king)   and  at  the request of  Goddess Lakshmi and was daily   providing milk  to Lord Vishnu. A cow herd who saw this beat   that cow   and Lord Vishnu cursed   the king to become a Rakshasa but when   he begged for forgiveness , Lord Vishnu pardoned him and told that   the king would be born as Akasa Raja and  would give in  marriage  his daughter  Padmavathi (alar mel mangai-lady on lotus but called as Alamelu)  to lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu himself became the  son of a poor woman called  Vakula devi.  AS per the promise Lord Vishnu married Princess  Padmavathi  . But he hd to spend lot of wealth on it, which he borrowed from Lord Kubhera.   An infuriated  Goddess  Lakshmi reached there   and when she and Padmavathi were  started  to quarrel, Lord Vishnu turned himself in to idol of Lord Venkatesa. Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma who reached there   explained the purpose  of  this Leela to Padmavathi and Goddess Lakshmi.Then they also turned themselves as stone idols so that  they can be with their  Lord Vishnu. Goddess Lakshmi stays on the left side of the chest of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Padmavathi   stays on his right side of chest.
         The Temple  of Lord Venkatesa   is a very huge one  .There are three  gates  to reach the sanctum sanctorum (which is called  the Ananda nilayam- the home of joy)  .The first gate  is called  Mahadwaram (or padikavli) , the next is the Vendikavli(silver entrance)   and the third is the Bangarukavli(golden entrance) .Just before the Garbha Graham are the huge  copper statues  of Jaya and Vijaya. The door of this golden entrance   is   covered with gold plates and has depictions of the  Dasavatharas.. You have to cross two more entrances to reach the sanctum of the God called  Ananda Nilaya.  The huge form of Lord Venkatesa inside  the sanctum   stands eight feet  tall and  has four hands.Two  of his hands hold the Sankha and Chakra , one placed on the thigh and the other one   is in blessing posture. There is a Vimana  over the sanctum and it also has an exact replica of Lord Venkateswara (called as Vimana  Venkateswara).  The sanctum also contains  a silver deity known as  Bhoga Srinivasa, Ugra Srinivasa  , The uthsava Srinivasa  and the Koluvu Srinivasa.BHoga Srinivasa   is a tiny one foor silver idol , which is the one who receives   the Sahasra Kalasa Abhishekam and also  the okne who is laid for sleep on the golden  cot. The Ugra Srinivasa   is the angry form of Srinivasa   comes  out only once in a year  out  for snapana (cleansing) . The Uthsava Srinivasa also called  Malayappa   is the one which is taken out for processions.   This was   found  stored in a cave in the mountains  by the villagers as per the wish of the lord.Koluvu srinivasa   is  a Pancha loha idol  which is a replica  of the main idol and   the offerings to the  temple are presented to this idol. There are several halls and several temples inside the three  Prakarams of the temple   as also on  the Venkatachala hills. (Those interested in details are requested to visit  www.thirumala.org ) .
        The worship of the temple has been systematized  by Saint Ramanuja and  and the Viaikanasa  Agama is followed here , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venkateswara_Temple,_Tirumala  has given the following as the list of Sevas of this great temple
Daily Rituals
The daily sevas in Temple(in order of occurrence) include Suprabhata Seva, Thomala Seva , Archana, Kalyanotsavam , Dolotsavam (Unjal Seva), Arjita Brahmotsavam, Arjita Vasantotsavam, Sahasra Dipalankarana Seva, Ekanta Seva
Weekly Rituals
Weekly sevas of the Temple include Vishesha Pooja  on Monday, Ashtadala Pada Padmaradhana  on Tuesday, Sahasra Kalasabhishekam  on Wednesday,Tiruppavada Seva on Thursday, Abhishekam  and Nijapada Darshanam  on Friday. There are no weekly sevas on Saturday and Sunday.
Periodical Rituals
Periodical rituals include Jyesthabhishekam, Aaniwara Asthanam, Pavithrotsavam, Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam.
       The  web site of the temple  www.tirumala.org   lists the following do’s and don’ts while visiting the temple :-
Do’s in Tirumala are as follows:

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Pay obeisance to your Ishta Daivam or Kula Daivam before you start for Tirumala pilgrimage.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Book your travel and accommodation in Tirumala well in advance.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Bathe in the Swami Pushkarini and worship Sri Bhu Varaha Swamy in his temple before you go to worship Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Bathe and wear clean clothes before you enter the sanctum shrine of Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Concentrate on Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy inside the temple.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Observe absolute silence and chant “Om Namo Sri Venkatesaya”, inside the temple.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Bathe in the Papavinasanam and Akasha Ganga tirthams in Tirumala.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Respect ancient customs and usages while at Tirumala.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Respect and promote religious sentiments among co-pilgrims.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Deposit your offerings only in the Hundi.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Wear a tilak in accordance with your religious affiliation.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Follow the procedures of the temple and wait for your turn for the darshan of the Lord.
Don’ts in Tirumala are as follows:

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Come to Tirumala for any purpose other than worshipping the Lord.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Carry much jewellery and cash with you.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Wear footwear in and around the premises of the temple.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Approach touts for accommodation and darshan.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Prostrate (sastanga danda pranamam) inside the temple.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Throw away the prasadam and teertham given to you at the temple.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Eat non-vegetarian food or consume liquor or other intoxicants and smoke while in Tirumala.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Wear any head guards such as helmets, caps, turbans and hats inside the temple premises.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Commit any act of violence or harshness in the temple premises.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Rush in for darshan instead of waiting for your turn in the queue.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Enter the temple; if according to custom or usage, you are prohibited to enter.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Wear flowers at Tirumala temple, as all flowers of the sacred Seven Hills are for the Lord only.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Encourage beggars.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Spit or be a nuisance inside the temple premises.

http://www.tirumala.org/images/RightArrowBold.png Carry weapons while entering into the temple.
      The Stotra s and Krithis written on Lord Venkateswara  of Thirupathi    are    very large . A great devotee called Annamacharya himself  is said  to have written more than 30000 Krithis  on this Giod.  But I have translated only few of them.   I am giving  them below, few   of my translations  ( In case of Sri Venkaresa  Suprabatham, considering its length   I am only giving the url .
I   Stotras:-
2. Sri Venkatesa Dwadasa Nama Stotram
(The prayer of twelve names   addressed to Lord Venkatesa)

Translated by

1,Venkateso , Vasudeva  , varijasana vandhita ,
Swami Pushkarani vasa , Shanka chakra Gadha dhara

1, Lord of Venkata mountain , son of Vasudeva ,Lord saluted by Lord Brahma,
He who lives in temple tank at Thirupathi , The lord   who carries the conch  and the wheel.

2,peethambaradhao   deva  , Garudarooda shobhitha  ,
Viswathma, Viswalokesa   Vijayo  Venkateswara

He who wears yellow silk , God, He who shines   riding on Garuda ,
The soul of the universe , Lord  of the universe , The victorious one  , The God  of Venkata.

3.Yethath   dwadasa naamani   trisandhyam ya paden nara  ,
Sarva papa nirmuktho  Vishno   sayujyamapnuyath.

If a human being reads   these   twelve names  ,
At dawn , noon and dusk  , he would get rid of all sins,
And  make his own   the world of Lord Vishnu.

3, Sri Venkatesa Stotra
(From Skanda Puranam)

Sage Padmanabha

Translated by

(This is a very short but powerful prayer addressed to Lord Venkateswara. This is composed by sage Padmanabha. This is supposed to occur in Skanda Purana. A Devanagari version is available in
http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/2182732/1438972687/name/Venkatesha )

Padmanabha Uvacha:-
Padmanabha said:-

1.Namo devasdhi devaaya, sarngine ,
Nararayanadhri vasaya , srinivasaya they nama.

Salutations to the God of Gods who holds the Sarnga bow,
Salutation to Srinivasa who lives on the Narayana mountain.

2.Nama kalmasha naasaya, vasudevaya , Vishnave,
Seshachala nivasaya , Srinivasaya they nama

Salutations to Lord Vishnu, the Vasudeva . who removes stains.
Salutations to Srinivasa who lives on Sesha mountain

3.Nama trilokya nathaya , viswaroopaya sakshine,
Shiva brahmadhi vandhyaya, Srinivasaya they nama.

Salutations to the Lord of three worlds , who has a mega form and is the witness,
Salutations to Srinivasa who is saluted by Lord Shiva and Brahma.

4.Nama Kamala nethraya, ksheerabdhi sayanaya they,
Dushta Rakshasa samharthre , Srinivasya they nama.

Salutations to the lotus eyed one who sleeps on the ocean of milk,
Salutations to Srinivasa , who kills the very bad asuras.

5.Bhaktha priyaya devaya , devanaam pathaye nama,
Pranatharthi vinasaya , Srinivasaya they nama.

Salutations to the Lord of devas who is the Lord , who loves his devotees,
Salutation to Srinivasa who removes the sufferings of his devotees.

6.Yogeenaam pathaye thubhyam , thubhyam Veda vedhyaya Vishnave,
Bhakthaanaam papa samharthre , Srinivasaya they nama

You are the Lord of Yogis , You are Lord Vishnu who is worshipped by Vedas,
Salutations to Srinivasa , who destroys the sins of his devotees.

Ithi Skanda purane Vaishnava Khaande Venkatachala Mahathmye Padmanabha muni krutha
Sri Venkatesa stotram sampoornam.

Thus ends the prayer to Venkatesa omposed by sage Padmanabha occurring in the chapter of “Greatness of Venkatesa” in the section related to Vaishnava in Skanda Purana.
4. Venkatesha astakam
(The octet on Venkatesha)

Translated by


(I got this great prayer from the web site www.karthikraman.dyndns.org/stotrasamhita/Venkatesha_Ashtakam
.This also has been given in the web site www.prapathi.com as Venkatesa sthothram from Brahmanda Purana.)

1.Venkatesho , Vasudeva, pradhyumno , amitha Vikrama,
Sankarshano anirudhascha Seshadri patireva cha.

He is Lord of Venkata mountain , son of Vasudeva , Pradhyumna,
The greatly valorous Sankarshana , Anirudha and the Lord of Seshadri hills.

2.Janardhana , padmanabho , venkatachala vasana,
Srushti Kartha , jagannatho, Madhavo, Bhaktha vathsala.

He is one who punishes bad people , one with a lotus on his belly,
One who lives in the Venkata mountain, He is the creator ,
Lord of the universe, Lord of knowledge and one who is dear to his devotees.

3.Govindo , gopathi , Krishna , Kesavo , Garuda dwaja,
Varaho, Vamanaschaiva , Narayana , Adhokshaja

He is the chief of cows, Lord of cows, the black one ,
One who gives lustrous body, One with Garuda in his flag,
He is Varaha the boar, Vamana the dwarf ,
And one in whom all souls reside and one who is forever victorious.

4.Sridara , pundarikaksha , sarva deva sthutho hari,
Sri Narasimho , maha Simha, suthrakara purathana.

He is the one who carries Lakshmi , one with lotus like eyes,
He is Vishnu prayed by all devas,He is the man lion,
He is the great lion and the ancient master of all actions.

5.Ramanatho mahi bhartha, bhoodhara , purushothama,
Chola puthra Priya santho , brahmadeenaam vara pradha

He who is Lord of Rama ,husband of earth ,
One who carries earth , greatest among males,
He is son of Chola , is a dear one , he is peaceful,
And he is the giver of boons to Lord Brahma and others.

6.Srinidhi sarva bhoothaanaam bhayakruth , bhaya nasana,
Sri Ramo Ramabhadrascha bhava bhandhaika mochaka.

He who is the treasure of Lakshmi , and one who creates fear
He also destroys fear among all beings, He is Rama,
He is Rama who ensures safety and also one who cuts off the ties with birth

7.Bhuthavaso girivasa , srinivasa , sriya pathi,
Achyuthanantha govindo vishnur venkata nayaka

He lives in all beings . lives on a mountain , Lives with Lakshmi
He is the consort of LakshmiHe is one cannot be destroyed,
He is one who does not have limits , who is Vishnu and the Lord of Venkata hills

8.Sarva devaika saranam , sarva devaika daivatham,
Samastha deva kavacham , sarva deva shikamani

He is the refuge of all devas and who is the God of all devas,
He is the protection of all devas and he is the most superior among the devas.

Phala sruthi
(Effect of reading)

9.Ithidham keerthitham yasya Vishnor amitha thejasa,
Trikala ya paden nithyam papam thasya na vidhyathe.

This is the song of the great glory of Lord Vishnu,
And if this is read by one at dawn, noon and dusk ,
All his sins would not remain.

10.Rajadware padeth ghore sangrame ripu sankate,
Bhootha sarpa pisachdhi bhayam nasthi kadachana.

There will be no fear in the gates of the palace ,
In Fierce war when the enemies are troubling,
And when troubles are caused by ghosts , serpents and devils.

11.Aputhro labhathe puthraan , nirdhano dhanavan bhyaveth,
Rogartho muchyathe rogath, bhadho muchyathe bhandanath.

The sonless one will get son, The money less will get money,
The one suffering from disease would get cured,
And the one who is in the prison would be set free.

12.Yadya adhi ishtathamam loke thathat praponathya asamsaya,
Aiswaryam, raja sanmanam , bhukthi , mukthi phala pradham.

Whatever one desires most in the world , would without doubt would be fulfilled,
And results like wealth, honour by kings, pleasures , and salvation would be attained.

13.Vishnor lokaika sopanam sarva dukhaika nasanam,
Sarva iswarya pradham nirnaam sarva mamgala karaka,

This is the stair case to the world of Vishnu and destroyer of all sorrows,
It results in all sorts of wealth and results in all auspicious things.

14.Mayavi paramandam thyakththwa vaikunda muthamam,
Swami pushkarani theere ramaya saha modhathe.

One will leave the illusory happiness and reach the great Vaikunda, the land of Vishnu,
If one prays the Lord with Lakshmni in the banks of the sacred tank of the God.

15.Kalyanadbhutha gathraya , kamithartha pradhayine,
Srimad Venkata nadhaya , Srinivasaya mangalam.

Oh God who has a wonderful form giving rise to good,
Oh God who gives all the wealth one desires for,
Oh God who is the Lord of the Venkata hills,
And Oh God in whom Lakshmi lives, let there be good.

Ithi Sri Brahmanda purane , Brahma-Narada SAmvadhe , Venkata giri Mahatmye,
Srimad Venkatesha stotram sampoornam

Thus ends the prayer addressed to Lord Venkatesa, which occurs in the chapter4 on “ Greatness of tha Venkata mountain”, which occurs in the midst of the discussion between Lord Brahma and sage Narada which occurs in Brahmanda Purana.

5. Sri Venkateswara Vajra  kavacha Stotram
(The Diamond armour of Venkatesa)
Sage Markandeya

Translated by

Narayanam Parabrahma,
sarvakaarana kaaranam
Prapadye Venkatesakhyaam,
Tadeva kavacham mama 1

I bow and salute that Venkatesa,
Who is lord Narayana himself,
Who is the divine Lord of all,
And who is the cause of all causes,
And chant his armour for myself.

Sahasra Seersha Purusho
Pranesha Prananilayaha
Pranan rakshatu mey Harihi 2

Let my head be protected by,
Lord Venkatesa with thousand aspects,
Who is the lord of all souls,
And place where the soul merges.

Aakasaraat sutaanaatha
Aatmanam me sadavatu
Deva Devottamopayaad
deham mey Venkateswaraha 3

Let the Consort of the daughter of the sky,
May protect my soul always,
Let the body got from the lord of Lords,
Be protected by Lord Venkateswara.

Sarvatra sarvakaryeshu
Palayenmam sada karma
saphalyam naha prayacchatu 4

Let the soul like consort of Alamelu Manga.
Take care of all my works always ,
And lead me to good results of all of them.

Ya Etad vajrakavacha
mabhedyam Venkatesituhu
Sayam Prataha patennityam
mrutyum tarati nirbhyaha 5

This diamond armour of Venkatesa,
which can never be broken,
If read daily in the evening and morn,
Would help one to cross death without fear.
6. Sri Venkatesa Stotra
Translated by

Kamala kucha choochuka kumkumatho,
Niyatharuni thaathula neela thano,
Kamalayatha lochana loka pathe,
Vijayee bhava venkata shaila pathe. 1

Victory to the lord of Venkata Mountain,
Whose blue body coated with vermillion
From the breasts of Lakshmi appears red,
And who is the lord of the universe,
With eyes reminding us of lotus flower.

Sa chaturmukha shanmukha panchamukha,
Pramukhakhila daivatha mouli mane,
Saranagatha vathsala sara nidhe,
Paripalaya maam vrusha shaila pathe. 2

Please protect me oh., Lord of Vrusha mountain,
Who is the crown jewel among all the gods,
With four faces, six faces and five faces,
And who is the ultimate treasure who loves,
Those who come and surrender to him,

Athivelathaya thava durvishahai,
Anuvela kruthai , aparadha sathai,
Bharitham thwaritham vrusha shaila pathe,
Parayaa krupayaa pari pahi hare. 3

Greatly trembling for having committed various sins,
And also trembling for having done hundreds of wrongs,
I have rushed speedily for surrendering to you, Lord of Vrusha,
And so Oh, Hari, please shower on me your eternal mercy,

Adhi venkata shailamudharamathe,
Janathabhi mathaadhika dhana rathaath,
Para devathaya gathi thaan nigamai,
Kamala dayithaan param kalaye. 4

There is none greater to you, Oh Lord of Lakshmi,
Who is merciful by nature residing on Venkata mountain,
Who blesses his devotees with much more than they desire,
And who is saluted by other gods and books that show the way.

Kalavenuravasa gopavadhoo,
Sathakodi vruthaath, smarakodi samath,
Prathi vallavikabhimadath sukhadath,
Vasudeva suthaan na param kallaye. 5

There is no comparison to the son of Vasudeva,
Who attracts the gopa maidens , by music from his flute,
And fulfills the desire of each gopi and gives her pleasure,
Much More than hundreds of crores of penances
And prayers addressed to crores of similar Gods..

Abhirama gunakara dasarathe,
Jagadeka dhanurdhara dheeramathe,
Raghu nayaka rama, Ramesa Vibho,
Varadho bhava , deva dayajaladhe. 6

Become the boon giver, Oh sea of mercy,
Oh matchless doer of good, Oh son of Dasaratha,
Oh only archer of the world, oh god with a brave heart,
Oh Rama the lord of Raghu clan,
And Oh God who is the Lord of Lakshmi.

Avaneethanaya kamaneeya karam,
Rajanikara charu mukhambhuruham,
Rajanichara raja thamo mihiram,
Mahaneeyam aham raghrama maye. 7

I seek refuge in the great Rama of Raghu clan,
Whose pretty hands are held by the daughter of earth,
Who has a pretty lotus like face , similar to the moon,
And who as a king walks at night and destroys darkness like the sun.

Sumukham suhrudham sulabham sukhadham,
Savanujam cha sukhayam amogha saram,
Apahaya raghudwaham anyam aham,
Na kathanchana kanchana jaathu bhaje. 8

You are with pleasant face, good heart,
Very easy to reach and giver of pleasures,
Along with your brothers and with never ending stream of arrows,
So leaving you, I would never at any time , even for a second,
Pray any one else, Oh Jewel of the Raghu clan.

Vina Venkatesam na natho na natha,
Sada venkatesam smarami , smarami,
Hare Venkatesa , praseedha praseedha,
Priyam Venkatesa , prayacha prayacha. 9

I do not have any Lord except Venkatesa,
I remember and remember only Lord Venkatesa,
So Hey Venkatesa, be pleased with me,
I request you to give me only what you like.

Aham dhooradasthe padambhoja yugma,
Pranamechaya agathya sevam karomi,
Sakruth sevaya nithya seva balam thwam,
Prayacha praycha prabho Venkatesa 10

I was far away from your two lotus like feet,
And have come with a wish to serve them,
And so I request and request you, Lord Venkatesa,
To please allow me to do good service to you.

Agnaninam maya doshan,
Aseshan vihithan hare,
Kshamasva thwam, kshamasva thwam,
Sesha shail shika mane. 11

Please pardon , please pardon ,
Oh crest jewel of the Sesha mountain,
This ignorant sinner of the sins committed,
Due to sheer helplessness , Oh Hari.
7. Sri Venkatesa Karavalmba Stotram
(Prayer for Support of hands from Lord Venkateswara)
Composed by
Saint Nrusimha Bharathi of Sringeri,
Translated by

Sri Sesha saila suniketana divyamoorthe,
Narayanachyutha hare nalinayataksha,
Leelakataksha parirakshitha sarvaloka,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 1

Please give me the protection of your hands, Lord Venkatesa,
Whose divine form has its abode in the Sesha Mountain,
Who is Narayana, Achyutha and Hari and has lotus like eyes,
And who protects all the worlds with a playful sidelong glance.

Brahmadhi vanditha padambuja Shankapane,
Srimath Sudarshana sushobitha divyahastha,
Karunya sagara saranya supunyamoothe,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 2

Please give me the protection of your hands, Lord Venkatesa,
Who holds a conch and whose lotus like feet is worshipped by Brahma and others,
Whose divine hands shine because he holds the holy Sudarshana,
And who is the ocean of mercy and the holy form which provides refuge to all.

Vedantha –Vedhya,bhavasagara karnadhara,
Sri Padmanabha Kamalarchidha padma pada,
Lokaika pavana parathpara papa haarin,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 3

Please give me the protection of your hands, Lord Venkatesa,
Who is known through the vedanthas and helps us to cross the ocean of birth,
Who is the Padmanabha, whose lotus like feet are worshipped by Lakshmi,
Who makes all the worlds holy and who removes all sins.

Lakshmipathe nigamalakshya nija swaroopa,
Kamadhidosha pariharaka bodha dhayin,
Daithyadhimardhana janardhana Vasu deva,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 4

Please give me the protection of your hands, Lord Venkatesa,
Who is the consort of Lakshmi and whose real form is the true aim of Vedas,
Whose realization is the antidote to the ills of all actions,
Who killed all asuras and who is Vasudeva and Janardhana.

Tapatrayam hara vibhorabhasa Murare,
Samraksha maam karunya sarasiruhaksha,
Machsishya mityanudinam pariraksha Vishno,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 5

Please give me the protection of your hands, Lord Venkatesa,
Who is the great killer of Mura who removes all three pains,
Please protect me with your lotus like merciful eyes,
And take me as your disciple and look after me daily.

Srijatopa navartana lasad kireeta,
Kasthoorika thilaka shobhi lalata desa,
Rakendabimba vadanumbuja varijaksha,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 6

Please give me the protection of your hands, Lord Venkatesa,
Whose form shines with his crown studded with precious gems,
Whose forehead shines with the thilaka made of musk,
Who has lotus like eyes and a lotus like full moon face.

Vandaruloka vara dana vacho vilasa,
Rathnadhyahara parishobitha kambukantha,
Keyura rathna savi bhashi digantarala,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 7

Please give me the protection of your hands, Lord Venkatesa
Who with gracious words grants boons to devotees praising him,
Whose conch like neck shines with necklace of precious stones,
And the bright stones on his shoulder light greatly the horizon.

Divyagandangitha bhujadwaya mangalathman,
Keyoorabhooshana sushobitha deergha baho,
Nagendra kankana karadwaya kamadhayin,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 8

Please give me the protection of your hands, Lord Venkatesa
Who is the divine soul with two hands and applied with sandal paste,
Who has long hands glittering because of the bracelets,
And who is fulfiller of desires with wrist bands made of serpent king .

Swamin jagaddharana varidhi madhyamagna,
Maam udharaya krupaya karunapayodhe,
Lakshmeescha dehi mama dharma samrudhi hethum,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 9

Please give me the protection of your hands, Oh Lord Venkatesa
Who is the god who supports the universe and is the ocean of mercy,
And kindly lift me up who is sunk in the middle of the sea of life,
And grant me in large measure that which would increase spiritual merit.

Divyanga raga paricharchitha komalanga,
Peethambaravrutha thano , tharunarka bhasa,
Sathyanganabha, paridhana supatthu bhanda,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 10

Please give me the protection of your hands, Oh Lord Venkatesa
Whose holy body is made pretty with coating of heavenly colour,
Whose body is attired in yellow silk, who shines like the young sun,
Who has Brahma on his navel and who ties a cloth on his waist.

Rathnadya dhama sunibadha kati pradesa,
Manikhya darpana susannibha janudesa,
Janghadwayena parimohitha sarvaloka,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 11

Please give me the protection of your hands, Oh Lord Venkatesa
Whose waist is securely tied with a belt made of gems,
Whose knee resembles mirrors made of rubies,
And who enchants the entire world by his two legs.

Lokaikapavana sarit parishobhithange,
Twat pada darasana, dine cha mamaghameesa,
Harda thamascha sakalam layamapa bhooman,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 12

Please give me the protection of your hands, Oh Lord Venkatesa
Whose feet is washed by the universally purifying waters,
And the day that I catch sight of your holy feet, my sins,
As well the darkness in my mind gets dissolved and disappear.

Kamadhi vairi nivohachyutha may prayatha,
Daridrya mapayapagatham sakalam dayalo,
Deenam samanam samavalokya dayardra drushtya,
Sri Venkatesa mama dehi Karavalambam. 13

Please give me the protection of your hands, Oh Lord Venkatesa
When you saw this poor me with your merciful eyes,
All my enemies, lust and other evil passions departed,
And the poverty which was attached to me also vanished.

Sri Venkateswara pada pankaja shadpadena,
Sriman Nrusimha yathina rachitham jagatyam,
Ye that pathanthi manuja purushothamasya,
They prapnuvanthi paramaam padavim Murare. 14

This ode which was offered at the holy feet of Venkatesa,
Was composed for the world by the Sri Narasimha yati,
And those men who happen to read this ode addressed to the God,
Would reach the great state of the world of Murari.

Ithi Sringeri Jagatguruna,
Sri Nrusimhabharathi swamina Rachitham,
Sri Venkatesa Karavalamba stotram Sampoornam.

Thus ends the Sri Venkatesa Karavalamba Stotram,
Composed by Sri Nrusimha Bharathi,
Who was the teacher of the world at Sringeri.

II,Krithis on Venkatesa
1. Thera   theeyaka radhaa

Saint Thyagaraja

Translated by

Ragam  Gauli panthu
Thalam AAdhi

 Thera theeyaga radhaa loni thera  Theeyaga rathaa,
Thiruppathi venkataramana, mathsara manu

Oh Venkatramana  of Thiruppathi , can you not remove the screen  ,
Can you not remove  the screen  of jealousy(competition?)

Parama Purusha   dharmadhi mokshamula,
Bharatholu   sunnadhi naaloni

Oh divine lord,  this screen  drives  away
Dharma  and Moksha, which is inside me.

1.Mathsyamu   aagali  koni   golamu che,
Magna maina  reethi nunnathi,
Achamaina   dheepa sannidhini    maru,
Gattu   padi   cherccinatlu unnathi.

1.It is like a fish eating   away the   bait ,
Due to  very great   hunger or  
Like a pyure flame of a great lamp,
Is being hidden from our sight

2.Iravondhaga   bujiyinchu   samayamun-
Eeka   thagulu rethi   nunnathi,
Hari dhyanamu seya vela chithamu,
Anthyajuvadaku  poyinatlunnathi.

2.It is like the fly   falling   on food,
When we   are eating with great desire,
And like the mind going to worst places,
When one is meditating on Hari.

3,Vaguramani  theliyaka  mruga ganamulu ,
Vachi thagulu rethi nunnatihi,
Vegame nee  mathamu   na anusarinchina ,
Thyagaraja nutha  , matha mathsaramannu

3.It is like the flock of deer   jumping,
Of their own accord without knowing it is a net,
Oh God whom Thyagaraja praises,  following your opinion,

Cannot you remove the screen of pride and jealousy?

2. Therathiyakka Ratha naloni


Saint Thyagaraja

Translated by


Raga gholibhandhu
Thala Aadhi


Therathiyakka Ratha naloni
Thirupathi Venkata Ramana mathsaramanu


Parama purusha darmartha mokshamulu,
Paratholu sunnathi naaloni


1. Mathsamu aagali kalamuche -magnamaina reethiyunnathi,
Athsamaina deepa sannithini maru -kattapadi sosi nattunathi

2.Iravondhaka bhujiyinchu samayamuna –eekathakulu reethiyunnathi,
Hari dhyanamu seyuvela chithamu- anthya juvadakku poyi nattunnathi

3.Vaguramani theliyaka mruga ganamulu -vachi thagulu reethi yunnathi,
Vegame nee nadhamunanu sarinchithi –Thyagaraja nutha mada mathsara manu

English translation


Oh Venkatramana of Thirupathi, can you not please,
Remove the creen of competitiuon from my mind.


Becase thus competition drives far ,far away,
The three purusharthas-Dharma, wealth and salvation.


1.My state is like that of a fish biting the hook through ignorance,
And competition prevents the divine light from spreading everywhere.

2.My state is like being choked by a fly when I am eating good food,
As my mind which is meditating on Hari , goes and sits in the hut of a bad man.

3.My state is like that of the ignorant animals getting caught by the net,
And so Thyagaraja requests, remove the screen of competition and wrong notions.

3. Venkatachala Nilayam


Sage Purandara Dasa

Translated by


Raga Sindhu Bhairavi
Thala Aadhi


Venkatachala Nilayam , Vaikunta pura Vasam,
Pankaja nethram ,Parama Pavithram,
Shanka Chakra dara Chinmaya roopam


Ambhujodhbava vinutham , Aganitha guna namam,
Dumburu Narada Gana Voilolam


Makara Kundala Dhara Madana Gopalam
Bhaktha poshaka Sri Purandara Vittalam

English translation


He who lives on Venkata mountain,
He who lives in Vaikunta,
He who has lotus like eyes,
He who is divinely pure,
He who has the divine form,
Carrying the conch and the wheel.


He who is worshipped by Brahma,
He who has innumerable names and characters,
He who enjoys music by Narada and Dumburu


The Gopala who is like the God of love,
Who wears golden ear studs,
The Purandara Vitala who looks after devotees.
4. Adhivo alladhivo



Translated by


Raga Hindola
Thala Aadhi


Adhivo alladhivo harivasamu,
Padhi velu seshula pada gala mayamu


1.Adhe Venkatachala makila unnathamu,
Adhivo Brahmadhula ka apurupamu,
Adhivo nithya nivasa magilamunalagu,
Nadhe choodudathe mokkudanandha mayamu.

2.Chengada nalladhivo Sesha chalamu,
Ninginunna deva thala nija vasamu,
Mungida nallathilo moolanunna dhanamu,
Bhangaru chikarala Bahu Brahma mayamu.

3.Kaivalya padhamu Vengada naga madhivo,
Sri Vengada pathiki sirulainathi,
Bhavimpa sakala sampath roopa mathilo,
Bhavana mulagella pavana mayamu.

English translation


Is this the place where Sri Hari lives,
I see Adhisesha’s ten thousand hoods.


1.There is the mighty Venkatachala ,
There it is which is rare even to Brahma and others,
There is the permanent abode of all sages,
There I am seeing it filled with salvation and joy.

2. There you see the black Seshachala Mountain,
Which is the constant abode of all devas,
And right in front is the hidden treasure,
With its golden peaks and is full of Brahmam,

3.And there is Venkata Giri the way to salvation,
Which is the head of Venkitachalapathy ,
Who considers it as a place of all his wealth,
And for all the word , it is filled with divine good.
5. Sri man Narayana, Nee Padame saranu



Translated by


Raga Bhoopala
Thala Aadhi


Sriman Narayana, Sriman Narayana,
Sriman Narayana, nee Padame Saranu


1.Kamalasathi Mukha Kamla , Kamala hitha,
Kamala Priya, Kamalekshana,
Kamalasana hitha, Garuda gamana sree,
Kamala Nabha , nee pada Kamalame saranu.

2.Parama Yogi, Jana bhagadeya sri,
Parama purushaa, parath paraa,
Parmathma , Paramanu roopa sree,
Thiru Vengada giri , Deva Saranu

English translation


Oh God Narayana, Oh God Narayana,
Oh God Narayana, I surrender to your feet,


1Oh God who does good to friend of lotus,
Oh God with lotus like face ,
Oh God who is partial to Lotus,
Oh God who is dear to lotus ,
Oh God who has lotus like eyes,
Oh God who is partial to Lord Brahma,
Oh God who travels on Garuda,
Oh God who has lotus flower on his belly,
I surrender to your lotus like feet.

2. Oh great Yogi, Oh God who determines fate of people,
Oh Great divine Purusha, Oh more divine among divines,
Oh Divine soul , Oh God with a nano form,
I surrender to you God of Venkata Mountain.
6. Nallam Vaa thava naya vachanam
Translated by

Naalam vaa tava naya vachanam
Chelam tyajate chethi bhavaami
1.Chalachala mamanam saskata ne kim
Kulisha hridaya bahuguna vibhavaa
Pulakita tanu sambhrita vedanaya
Malinam vahaami madham tyajami

2.Bhajabhajate Priya bhaamam satatam
Sujana stvam nija sukhanilaya
Bhuja rekhaa rathi bhoga bhavasi kim
Vijayeebhavaa mad vidhim vadaami

3..Nayana yama manu nayana vidhante
Priya kaantaayam prema bhavam
Bhaya hara Venkata pathe tvam
Madvilo bhavasi shobhitaa bhavaami

English Translation
I am sure that your guiding words are sufficient
For by sacrificing all undesirable things, one would become great.

1.Has not my listless mind become more stronger,
For is not a heart of a noble man , a feast of all good things,
And the pain which we get in the mind when we get overjoyed
Would carry away the dirt and sacrifice of exuberance

2.I sing and again sing always about your darling Bhama,
So that I would be able to control my fate,
Since you are a very noble one , Oh Victorious one,
And have attained pleasure by making passionate love with her

3.Her leading eye would shake your eye,
As you have attitude of love to your darling wife.
Please destroy my fear , oh Lord of Venkata
And make me shining, as I am attracted by you.
7. Sheshadri Garudadri
(Sesha mountain, Garuda mountain)

Composed by
Prof B.Ramamurthy Rao

Translated by


Ragam : Kuntala Varaali Thalam : Roopaka


Seshadri garudadri venkatadri vihara vi—
Sesha pala dayaka srinivasa (Seshadri)

He who lives in Sesha mountain and Garuda mountain,
Oh Srinivasa, who gives special gifts.


Keshadi pada alankara roopa
Adisesha shayana kamala nayana (Seshadri)

Oh God who has the form decorated from head to foot,
Who lies down on Adhi Sesha and has a lotus like eyes.


Bhu-varaha sannutha roopa
Sri devi bhu devi poojitha pada
Bhumija nayaka thrivikrama roopa
Radha vallabha sri Krishna dasa jana priya (Seshadri)

Oh God who has taken the form of Bhoovaraha,
Whose feet are worshipped by Bhoo devi and Sri Devi,
Lord of the daughter of earth, who took the form of Trivikrama,
Darling of Radha who is liked by Krishna dasa and his people.
8. Venkatramana , un thiruvilayadalai

Papanasam Sivam

Translated by

Raga Lathangi
Tala Roopaka

Venkataramana un thiruvilayadalai aar arivaar

Shanka chakra dhari,
Saran adainthen, pizhai poruthu arul.

Alarmel mangai manala, Ambujanabha , Dayalaa,
Manathaal mananthathu iru mathe,
Mannithu kondu arul, Thirupathi

English meaning

Oh Lord Venkatramana , who is there ,
Who understands your divine sports.

Oh God who holds the conch and the wheel,
I surrender to you, please pardon my mistakes.

Consort of the lady on the lotus ,
Who has lotus on his belly and is merciful,
Oh God who married two ladies with happy mind,
Please pardon me and shower your grace,
Oh Thirupathi Venkataramana.

9. Srinivasa  Thiruvengadam udayai

Papanasam Sivan

Translated by

Raga Hamasanandi
Thala Aadhi

Srinivasa  Thiruvengada mudayai,
Jaya , Govinda, Mukunda, Anantha

Dheena saranyan ennum pugazh  kondai,
Dheenan yennai pol  veru yever  kandai

Jagam pugazhum   yezhumalai maayavane,
Thirumagal   alarmel mangai   manalane ,
Jagannathas  shankha   chakra   dharane ,
THiruvadikku abhayam  abhayam   ayya,

English translation

Oh Srinivasa , who has   the   THiruvengada  mountains,
Victory to Govinda  , MUkundha , Anantha

Oh God who has great fame as one who  looks after  the oppressed,
Where have you seen an oppressed person like me.

Oh enchanter of the seven hills who is praised   by the world,
Oh Consort   of Lakshmi    who is  lady on the lotus flower,
Oh Lord of universe  who carries the conch and the wheel,
Protection , Protection with your holy feet

(In Manipravala)

Muthuswamy  Deekshidhar

Translated by

Ragam Kanada
THala,  AAdhi

 Venkatachala pathe  , ninnu  nammiti,
Vegame nannu   Rakshiyumayya

Oh Lord of Venkata mountains, I have total faith in you,
And so please     speedily   take care of me

Pankajasana  Pramukhadhi Vinutha
Padamuna  rayinchina  varikella,
SAnkatamulu   theerisi  , sampadalu ichi,
Mangalam  porundhiya  pulivalathil  vilangum


Oh God whom Brahma and other  great ones pray,
To all those    who have worshipped your feet  .
Please remove their sorrows, give them prosperity,
Oh God who is in the auspicious
Vanavar Vanangum, Vasudevane ,
Vanchithartha phalamu  Ichu Varadane,
Dheena Rakshaka peetambara dhara ,
Devadeva , Guru guhan maaman  aana,
Vanavar Vanangum Vasudevane.

Oh Vasudeva saluted    by all devas,
Oh Varada , OKease grant all the wealth they desire,
Oh God who protects the poor and wears yellow silk,
Oh God of Gods who  is the  uncle of Guru Guha,

11. Kurai Onrum Illai



Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari (10 December 1878 - 25 December 1972), informally called Rajaji or C.R., was an Indian lawyer, Indian independence activist, politician, writer, statesman and leader of the Indian National Congress who served as the last Governor-General of India. This great song written by him was popularized by the great M.S.Subbalakshmi.

Translated by


Raga Ragamalika
Tala Aadhi

Pallavi (Shiva Ranjani)

Kurai ondrumillai, marai moorthi kanna,
Kurai ondrum illai Kanna
Kurai ondrum illai Govinda

Anupallavi (Shiva Ranjini)

Kannukku theriyamal nirkindary Kanna,
Kannukku theriyamal nindaralum enakku,
Kurai ondrum illai marai morrthi Kanna


1.Vendiyathai thanthida Venkatesan endrirukka, (Shiva Ranjini)
Vendiyathu veru illai marai moorthy Kanna,
Mani vanna, Malayappa , Govinda, Govinda

2.Thirayin pin nirkindary Kanna,Unnai (Kaapi)
Marai othum jnaniyar mattume kanpaar,
Enraalum kurai ondrum enakillai Kanna

3.Kundril mel kallagi nirkindra varada,(Kapi)
Kurai ondrum illai marai moothi kanna
Mani vanna , malayappa , Govinda, Govinda

4.Kali nalukku irangi, kallile irangi (Sindhu Bhairavi)
Nilayaga kovilil nirkindray Kesava

5.Yathum marukkadha malayappa, un marbil,(Sindhu Bhairavi)
Ethum tharnikkum karunal kadal annai,
Endrum irunthida ethu kurai enakku,
Onrum kurai illai marai moorthi kanna,
Manivanna, Malayappa , Govinda, Govinda

English translation


Oh Krishna , the lord of the Vedas, I do not have any problems,
Oh Krishna, I do not have any problems,
Oh Govinda, I do not have any problems


Oh Krishna, You stand there as invisible,
Oh Krishna, even if you stand invisible,
Oh Krishna , lord of the Vedas, I do not have any problems


1.When you are Lord Venkatesa to give all that I need,
I do not have any more needs, Oh Krishna, Oh Lord of the Vedas,
Oh Lord with attractive colour, Oh Lord of the mountain , Oh Govinda, Oh Govinda

2.Oh Krishna, You stand behind the curtains,
And you can be seen only by wise men who learn Vedas,
But still I do not have any problems. Oh Krishna

3.Oh giver of boons, who is standing as a stone on a hill,
Oh Krishna , the lord of the Vedas, I do not have any problems,
Oh Lord with attractive colour, Oh Lord of the mountain , Oh Govinda, Oh Govinda

4. Taking pity for the age of Kali, coming in to a stone,
You are standing in the temple as the moon light.

5.Oh Lord of mountain, who never says no,
When on your chest , the mother who is the sea of mercy,
Is living for ever , for the sake of this world,
What problem can be there for me?
I do not have any problem. Oh Krishna, Of Lord of the Vedas
Oh Lord with attractive colour, Oh Lord of the mountain , Oh Govinda, Oh Govinda

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