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Vinai thooymai-66th chapter of Thirukural- (Purity of work)

Vinai thooymai-66th chapter of Thirukural-
(Purity of  work)

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(Purity of action , Thiruvaluvar   feels   is extremely  important .He says , “.Even if you happen to see the hunger of your mother do not do an act which is  considered as  bad  by wise people.”)

1.Thunai nalam aakkam tharoomvinai nalam,
Vendiya   yellam   tharum.

1.If  a person gets help, he will  only get wealth,
But if he is act  is pure, he would get  all that he wants.

2.Endrum oruvuthal veNdum pugazhodu.
Nandri payavaa  vinai.

2.A minister  should  for ever avoid    doing  acts which,
Would not givefame and good to his king   and himself.

3.Vo othal vendum olimazhkum  cheivinai,
Aa aathum  yennum avar.

3.Those who want to progress  would forever  not do,
An  act  which would  bring down   his fame.

4.Idukkan padinum  iLivantha cheyyar,

4,Those who  have clear wisdom  which  does not tremble, would ,
Not do lowly acts even if  they happen to drown in sorrow.

5.Yethu yendru  iranguva cheyyarkka , cheivaanel<
Maththu  anna  cheyyamai   nandru.

5,Avoid acts which make you sorrow later  , thinking ,
That you have  done a low act but if you  happen,
To do it by mistake  , see to it that  you do not do it  again.

6.EEndraaL  pasi kaaNbaan  aayinum cheyyarkka ,
Chandror  pazhikkum vinai.

6.Even if you happen to see the hunger of your mother,
Do not do an act which is  considered as  bad  by wise people.

7.Pazhi malainthu  yeithiya  aakkathin  chaandror ,
Kazhi nal  kurave  thalai.

7.Great people   would not like  to have  great wealth by doing evil acts,
And they would  like to be poor  , by not   doing such acts.

8.Kadintha  kadinthoraar cheivaarkku   avai thaam,
Mudinthalum  pizhai   tharum.

8.Those who do not hate  and avoid doing acts hate by wise people  ,
But try to do it, even if they succeed  in that  act, they would earn sorrow.

9.Azha konda  yellam  azhappom  , izhsppinum,
Pir payakkum   nar paalavai.

9.Things earned  by making others cry, would go away  from him, making him cry,
Even  wealth  by doing good acts may go away, but,
They would   come back doing  good  to him.

10.Chalaththal  porul cheithu  yemaarthaal  pasu man,
Kalathul neer peithiree yaththu.

10.Earning wealth by evil acts  and trying to protect it,
Is like pouring water  in a unbaked mud pot  and trying to save it.

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