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Neelayathashi Amman of Kayarohanar temple , Nagapattinam

The Goddess   with  eyes  like  the  blue  ocean of mercy is called  Neelayathakshi  . Her temple   is in the Kayarohanar   temple,  Nagapattinam and she    is the only one Goddess   in Tamil Nadu about whom   each of the great  musical trinity   has composed  a song. An introduction about her followed by a Suprabatham in Tamil   and three   great Krithis praising her.

Neelayathashi Amman of  Kayarohanar  temple  , Nagapattinam

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This Goddess   who has   blue eyes  like  the sea   has her temple with  her lord Kayarohaneswarar  (this name came because  the body(kayam)  of sage Pundarika was hugged by the lord andclimbed up(aarohanam) ) in Nagapattinam  (It is believed that  the king of Nagas(Serpents) worshipped the lord Shiva here and it was named as Naga Karonam) , Tamil Nadu.   There is a very interesting story about this temple. It seems once  King Muchukunda helped Devendra   to win  a war over  Asuras .When Devendra  gave him a boon, he asked to give   Vidanga (uncut/size of the thumb ) Shiva Lingas   that Indra was worshipping daily . Indra was reluctant and gave him  seven lings and asked him to choose the correct one.By grace of God he  did it. Indra who was pleased gave all   the seven Lingsas to the king.IN all these seven lings, the base and Linga part   areof one stone.King MuchuKunda consecrated these  Shiva Lingas in seven different places in Tamil Nadu.Out of them the  Sundara Vidangar , made of ruby  was consecrated in this temple. Like Other Vidanga  temples , Lord Shiva in the form of Thyagraja   also has a temple  here, When this Lord Thyagaraja (whose face is only normally seen)   is brought out during the  Vaikasi Vishakam festival  , he keeps on waving   right hand and right feet as if he is dancing   and so he is called “Paravara Nataneswarar.” And like other Vidanga temples, the Nava grahas are in a straight line looking at    the Shiva Linga.
   The Goddess  Nilayathakshi of this temple is a maid and has a separate  temple which has a separate  flag post and separate  Chariot .Aadi  pooram is celebrated in this temple .Another peculiarity of this temple is that  her shrine itself is built in the  shape of a chariot and on festival days   she comes out in the chariot   made  of Crockery ware. AS she remains  as a made here , Lord Shiva wanted   his steed Nandi to guard her .When he was reluctant to do it, Lord Shiva   asked him to keepo an eye on the  Ambika temple also.  So the  Nandi is seen to  keep one eye on the Shiva temple and another   eye  on the temple of Neelayatrhakshi. It seems there   was a  saint called Azhuguni Sidhar   who used to daily adamantly cry demanding salvation   and the Goddess taking pity on him  requested lOrd Shiva to give him Salvation  , which he did. The Jeeva Samadhi  of this Sidhar is inside the temple
     Another peculiarity  of the temple of Lord Shiva here is that  during the death of any person belonging to fisherman community , the temple is not closed but the dead body is brought   to the temple gate and the priests  remove the flower decorations of the God    and  give it to the people , who decorate   the dead body with them.  Yet another peculiarity of the temple is that  during Pradosha, the  Lord does not come out on Nandi   but is accompanied by Lord Vishnu  in the Mohini form. Yet another pecu;airity of the temple is that   in the Nava Graha Sannidhi of this temple   all the Grahas face the western direction.  It seems when Dasaratha was ruling our country  , Lord Saturn(sani) was about   to enter  Rohini star   and cause a  great famine in the country.So Dasaratha decided  to fight with planet Saturn.But on the advise   of  Sun God he left that plan   and begged  Saturn to change his plan .The planet agreed and remembering this occasion  , all the planets are facing the west.
      The Lord in this temple goes fishing   on the Ayilyam star  of Avani month  in memory of a great fisherman devotee of his called Athipathar. It seems this devotee   would throw back the first fish he caught  in to sea as an offering  to the lOrd.Once for several days , he could catch only one   fish  but he hrew the fish back and preferred to starve.  When this was going on , he caught   a golden fish   and this also he threw back in to the sea. The Lord gave him salvation and Athipathar   was  included in the list of 63 Nayanmar . In memory of this   the Lord goes to the sea shore on Ayilyam day of Avani month. One fisherman would go with a net in to the sea    and the others would place two golden fish in his net  ,Which  would be offered to the Lord.
   Then there is a temple to Lord Ganesa here , where a serpent holds  an Umbrella to the God  with his   hood.This Ganesa is called Nagabharana  Ganesa.There is also a temple of Kala Samhara   Bhairava who came to this temple   along with river Ganges to protect  Sage Pundarika. There is alao a temple of   Ashta Buja Kali (Eight handed kali) .There is also a Soma Skanda idol (Lord Shiva keeping  Lord Subrahmanya) on his lap   behind the lingam in the sanctum sanctorum. Yet another temple is that of Lord Subrahmanya  holding weapons on all his   twelve hands
     Let us all pray   her and get her blessings.
1.Neelayadakshi Suprabatham
Nagai .V.Ramaswamy
Translated by
(Goddess Neelayadakshi is the consort of Lord Shiva in the temple city of Thirunagai Karonam (Arulmigu Neelayadakshi Amman Samedha Shri Kayahorana Swami Temple.) , near Nagapattinam of Tamil Nadu. It is the one of the 108 Shakthi sthalas of India. .Neelayadakshi means Goddess with blue eyes. The lord here is called Kayarohanar, because he permitted sage Pundareeka to ascend to the heaven along with his body. Muthuswami deekshithar has composed a great song “Amba Neelayadakshi “praising this goddess.
You can read the original Suprabatham in Tamil script in
The author of this great stotra has also composed several krithis in her praise.)

1.Poo virindu vasamidum Bhoopala neram,
Pullinam pattu isaithu pan padum neram,
Punnagai pagalavan irulagathum velai
Pavaye Neelayadakshi palli ezhundarulvaye

It is the time for Bhoopala, when flowers open and wave,
It is time when the birds make music and sing,
It is time that the smiling Sun removes the darkness,
Oh Lady Neelayadakshi , would you please wake up.

2.Mangala isai nadam mathaa unnai ezhuppida,
Chengamala thiruppadam bhoodevi varudita,
Thanga malar kondu unnai darisikka vandhome,
Mangalam pongidave Neelayadakshi palli ezhuvaye.

When the soulful sounds wake you up mother,
When your red lotus like feet is caressed by mother earth,
We have come to see you along with golden flowers,
And so Neelayadakshi would you please wake up so that good ebbs out.

3.Vandinam cherkkum amudu okkum madhuvum,
Avinam arulum punidhammigu paalum,
Nesamudan vasa migu amudha neerum vaithom,
Neerada Neelayadakshi palli ezhuvaye.

We have arranged, the nectar like honey collected by honey bees,
The milk conferred to us by the grace of cows,
As well the scented nectar like water,
And so Neelayadakshi , would you please wake up to take your bath.

4.Vinnavar , mannavar viyandhu nin parvai pera,
Pannodu pasuram Vedamum odhi nirka,
Vanna migu vasa malar choota vandhom,
Kannazhugu thaye Neelayadakshi palli ezhuvaye.

When people of heaven and earth hunger to be seen by you,
When Tamil songs of the saints and Vedas set to tune are sung
We have come to offer you scented flowers of various hues,
And so Neelayadakshi , who is the mother with pretty eyes, would you please wake up.

5.Kayarohanan kayathil kalandhaval nee,
Maya pirappin mayakkam aruppaval nee,
Chey engal thuyaram thudaippaval nee,
Thooyavale Neelayadakshi palli ezhuvay nee.

You are the one who has merged in to the body of Lord Kayarohana*,
You are the one who cuts off the illusion of the illusory birth,
You are the one who removes sorrow of your children like us,
Oh pure one, Oh Neelayadakshi, would you please wake up.
*Lord Shiva who permitted sage Pundarika to ascend to heaven
with his mortal body.

6.Uyirin Kathai unnagam kondavale,
Uyirinam anaithum ullam kulirndu thuyvura,
Uyya nin padam pothi magizhndida,
Uyarndavale Neelayadakshi, palli ezhundarulvayo.

Oh Goddess who has kept the air of life within you,
For the sake of filling the hearts of all beings with great joy,
When they joyously praise your feet and to get salvation,
Oh great one , Oh Neelayadakshi, would you please wake up.

7.Thedi thedi vanthome deviye nin thaal paniya,
Odi odi vanthome nin arul pethida,
Vadi vadi nirkkum engal vedanai kalainthida,
Koti koti Namaskaram Nelayadakshi palli ezhundarulvayo.

For saluting your feet we came in search of you,
For getting your grace we came running to you ,
And so remove the pain from us , who have already wilted,
Billions and billions of salutations, Oh Neelayadakshi , would you please wake up.

2.Evaru  theliyaga poyyeru  nee mahimala
Saint Thygaraja
Translated by
Ragam Thodi
Thalam Roopakam
Evaru  theliyaga poyyeru  nee mahimala
No one seems to know  your greatness
Bhuvilo varamou nagapuramuna   ganugondi,
Lavalesamainathu Neelayathakshi  sumadhyame
In this world in the town of blessed Nagapattinam .
I happened to know a little of neelayathakshi who has a thin middle
1.Karuku bangaru  valve gatti  sogasu meera,
Karamuna jilukanu batti  nirjara  tharu,
Virulathu goppuninda  jutti  adhiyugaka,
Haruni yattittatadinchinatti nee leelananu.
1,Wearing apparels  of pure Gold ,holding  the parrot,
In a pretty manner,  decorating her hair with  ,
The flowers   of  Deva parijatha tree , and slowly,
Rock lord Shiva this way and that way , are your sports
2.Hari Brahmadhulu  ninu golva aavelanu  ,
Viribonu landhamutho   nilva amara vara ,
Tharunulu  natyamuche   golva  anniyu joochi ,
Karuna rasamu jilkaBilva atti nee Dhaya.
2.When Lord Vishnu , Brahama and others salute you,
When the blessed and pretty Deva maidens  , decorated ,
With flowers  are dancing before you  , seeing all that,
With a look of great mercy  you were calling  them with kindness.
3.Naga bhooshananiki  ranivaina  ninnu vi-
Naa  gathi yevaru , Neelaveni Bhakthula,
Bagadeyamaina  sarvani  santhathamunu ,
Thyagaraju balkina  vani proyamaina nin
3.Who is our protection except you  who is the queen,
Of the Lord who decorates  himself with  serpents,
Oh goddess with blue black hair. Who is goddess Parvathi,
The great luck of  your devotees , and who has ,
Great love towards   the words of Thyagaraja

3.Amba Neelayathakshi

Muthuswami Deekshithar

Translated by

Ragam Neelambari
Thalam AAdhi

Amba Neelayathakshi, Karuna kadakshi,
Akhila loka Sakshi , Kadakshi

Oh mother with eyes like blue lotus   who  has a merciful glance ,
Oh witness  to all the worlds, please glance at me.

Bimbadhari   chithprathi bimbadhari ,
Bindhunadha Vasangari , Sankari

Oh Goddess with red lips , Oh goddess who adores the  form of  God of thought  ,
Oh Goddess who makes  Lord Shiva her own , Oh consort of Lord Shiva.

Madhyama Kala Sahithyam
Ambhuja ramana sodhari  , aadhari, ambary  , kadambari  , neelambari

Madhyakala Sahithyam
Oh sister of God who pleases  the   Goddess Lakshmi,
Support me  , Ogh sky like goddess  , Oh Goddess who is like Cuckoo,
Oh Goddess who is like    the blue sky.

Shiva  rajadhani kshethra vasini  , sritha jana viswasini,
Shiva kayarohanesollasini  , Chidroopa vilasini,
Nava yogini  chakra vikasini  navarasadarahasini,
Suvarnamaya  vigrahaprakasini   Suvarnamayahasini.

Oh Goddess who lives in the capital  of Lord Shiva  ,who believes those who depend on her,
Oh Goddess who enteryains Shiva  of Kaarohana  , who  has a charming divine form,
Oh Goddess who expands the wheel of the nine yoginis, who shows of nine different aspects,
Oh Goddess  who shines in the idol made of Gold and who laughs  like Gold.

Madhya kala Sahithyam
Bhuvanodhaya sthithi   laya vinodhini , bhuvaneswari  , Kshipra prasadini,
Nava Manikhya vallaki vadhini  , bhava guru guha vedhini, sammodhini.

Madhyama Kala  Sahithyam
Oh Goddess who entertains herself with  creation, upkeep   and destruction of the world,
Oh Goddess of the universe  , Oh Goddess who is instantly  pleased
Oh Goddess who plays the lute made  new rubies,
Who  knows the divine Guru Guha and who is very kind,

Shyama Sastri

Translated by
Raga Paraju(Paras)
THala Triputa

(You can hear it  as one of the songs sung by Dr.S.Ramanathan in  )

Nilayathakshi, Jagat  sakshi

Phalakshuni Rani , palitha sritha  sreni,

1.Dheenarakshaki , Abhaya dhanam  iyyave,
Sama Gana LOle , Abhimanam iyyave  DEvi

2. Adhi Sakthi Kaumari  , medinilo ninu pogada,
Adhi seshu kaina radhika , ne yemi   jeppudu devi

3. Kamapalini   vinu   nee namamule  ,
Dharma Artha Kama moksha michedhi,
Shyama Krishna Palini devi
English translation
Oh goddess  with blue eyes , you are  the witness  of the world,

You are the Queen of the God with eyes  on the forehead,
And  the chosen   great Goddess   who protects

1.You are  the protectress  of the  suffering, please give me charity  of protection,
Oh Goddess  who loves to hear Sama Veda , please give me self respect

2.Oh  lass of Primeval power,  in this world even Adhi sesha cannot ,
Praise you adequately  and what can I say.

3. Of protector of our desires , please hear , it is only your name,
That gave us Dharma , wealth , love  and salvation ,
Oh Goddess   who takes care of Shyama Krishna

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