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Control your anger by healing a small wound

Control your anger  by healing  a small wound

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(This is actually a  tamil  contribution of my friend  J.K.Sivan  who  is doing great service to our Hindu religion by his very many publications   and the Krishnarpanam society   that he has established.  I have taken his entire idea   and rewritten it in my own words . Thanks my friend. May God bless  you in your great journey. If my  rewriting is inadequate  pardon me.) 
Ramu   was a short tempered  man ,
Each and every action  of his dear  wife ,
With whom he had   spent twenty years,
Used   to  make him very angry  and agitated.

Suppose   he found   a  vessel kept on a table,
He would  shout at his wife . “who kept it here?”
And suppose   she tries   to move it  away,
He would  shout  “Would you  move it only  if I  shout?”

Suppose   she does not   come and take   away the vessel,
He would shout “Why have  you not removed  it,
In spite   of my telling you ?Do you think I am mad?”
And then   she would come  running there  there to take  it .

He would  shout ,”Why all this    dancing and jumping?
If   you have learnt  it in your  parents home,
I do not want   to see   it in my home?”
Then she would tell , “   Sorry , please  pardon me.

With lot of hesitation     and eye     full of tears  .
She would   tell him , “Due to oversight  I left it here,
 It would not happen again. I am assuring it   to you.”
He would shout , “  Oh you have learnt  acting  also in your home?”

While going  to office  , Ramu would   feel extremely  ,
Sad  for treating    his  good wife    in such a  way.
He would   return   from office and  his wife  having  a face,
Stained by tears   due to her sobbing   all the time.

He would again start shouting, “Is this  the way,
To welcome a  husband  , coming   from office?”
Life became   miserable  to Ramu’s wife .
And she did not know     what to do.

Ramu’s wife knew   his very close  friend Kittu,
And she  requested him   to help her  like a brother.
Kittu  spoke to Ramu    and convinced   him,
To come along with him to  his Guruji’s Ashram.

Kittu told   his Guru   that  Ramu was losing his temper ,
Very often  , without any possible    reason and then Guru,
Asked Ramu, “Has any incident   in your life  hurt you?
You are not getting angry without   any reason”

Ramu assured  the Guru that  his wife   was a sterling lady,
And his children    were also very good   and ,
He only was behaving  like   a devil towards  them,
The reason for which    he is not able    to know.

Then the Guru told ,  “Someone at some time  ,
Must have hurt you   and you are unable to forget it .
Possibly   it would have been   very minor one ,
Which in spite  of your efforts  you are  not able to recall.”

Then the  guru gave Ramu  one   small  jug full of water,
And asked Ramu to hold  it    till  he goes away from there.
And he enquired   , whether   it was  heavy ,
And Ramu told    “Not at all Guruji.”

Time passed quickly  and Ramu was becoming  uneasy,
Then Guru smiled and told him  , “The jug is very tiny  ,
But  does it  still  hurt  you , Oh Ramu , a small wound   ,
Does not hurt  but over time  , it starts  making you feel bad..”

“I have met very many old people    who do remember ,
A small word of hurt   told by their brother  when they were infants.,
Over time    this thought   becomes  a  huge hurt in their mind,
And they would start shouting at everyone  when they think about it”

“We have to learn to forget   such things immediately,
And when the thought comes , you should  say , “silly”.
And if you do this  for every small  unhealed   small  wound,
Made by silly incidents, you   would become a  normal man.”

Ramu   tried   and soon  there  was nothing  in his mind ,
Which caused hurt  and when  his wife   again left a vessel on the table,
He used to take it   and replace  it where it was   and tell his wife,
“Even if  it had been there , no harm is there , but I thought I would help you”

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