Monday, December 12, 2016

Carrot becomes soft, egg becomes hard , water becomes sweet

Carrot becomes  soft, egg becomes hard , water becomes sweet


(This is a very old story that  I had heard. I  thank my friend Pasupathi Nathan   for reminding it)

A daughter  after  living for some time   in her newly  married home ,
One day  went  to her home  and sobbed  before her mother,
The mother   with great   concern asked, “what happened  sweet one?”
The daughter  then went  on listing all   her  sufferings in a row,
And her mother   took her   to their  kitchen   and made her,
Stand before   the three  burner   stove    they had.
She then put  three  very similar   vessels  on those stoves,
Poured   same amount   of water   in all   of them,
But put  a carrot in first , egg in second and sugar  in the third,
And switched  on the stoves and  asked   her daughter  to watch,
And after   some time  she  switched  off the stove  ,
She first took out the carrot , the egg  and a sugar candy ,
And asked   her daughter  to examine  all three  of them and  she said,
“The carrot  is soft, egg   is hard   and the  sugar candy  disappeared but water   is sweet.”
“Little one”  her mother told  , “the  flame  of the stove,
Made them suffer  equally but their  reaction  seems  different.
The hard carrot was made soft, the soft egg   became  hard,
And the tasteless  water  became sweet,

Can’t you   be like   the sugar candy    in your   new home?”

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