Monday, December 26, 2016

Every coin has two faces

Every coin has    two faces


( The thought process was triggered   by a  tamil post of my friend   A G Kesavan  in face book. My thanks are due to him )

When four friends    go a hotel ,
Togather   and  take food,
If one of them pays the bill,
Does he want to show  us he is rich,
Or  does he show   that our friendship,
Is greater    to him than the money?

Suppose  some friend does an action,
Which is   considered   not good by us ,
And  he   says  “I am sorry  , friend”  first,
It  may mean he has  committed a  mistake,
Or that he considers that he respects ,
Our friendship   more   than his ego?

Suppose   some friend  whom  we are,
Not bothered   to contact   by phone,
Contacts us  , It may mean,
That he   does not  have any work,
Or  That  he   likes  us  and  ,
He wants to talk to us.

Suppose   some friend of ours,
Does not   bother to  laugh  ,
When  we v crack a joke  ,
It may  mean   that our joke is useless,
Or that  he     is a very serious person,
Who does not laugh    at any one’s jokes.

Suppose   some friend   of us  ,
Does not recommend   our name  ,
For  some  job with his another friend,
It may mean  that  he   believes ,
That   recommending some one is dishonest ,
Or it may mean, we are not worth recommending.

Suppose   a friend of ours   in school/office,
Does  not  bother  to share   his lunch with us.
It may mean  that the food he brings is useless,
Or it may mean , he does not like   to eat,
Any food other than food  prepared in his home.

Suppose  a friend of ours  does not join,
With us    in talking  harmless   gossip,
It may mean that  he considers ,
The  matter concerning others,
Should    not be discussed or,
It may mean he is a prude who acts  like honest.

So friend , every coin  has two faces,
And every action can be explained ,
In more than one way and ,
If we take   the negative side only,
Without any reason , we are inviting misery.
Please understand “Life is short  but pretty”

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