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Lord Sanaischara(Sani) –who he is , when he causes problems , what prayers to chant

Lord Sanaischara(Sani)  –who he is , when he causes problems  , what prayers to chant

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Sanaischara  (Slow moving one) , popularly  known as Sani  is also known as Mandha(Slow one) is the slowest moving planet among planets (It takes 30 years  to once  go round the sun i.e 30 years to go around the rasi chakta)   . The story of Sani the planet is like this  :-

“Sanjana(some books say  Suvarchala)  was the daughter of Vishwakarma (the celestial engineer and architect). As Sanjana grew to a marriageable age, Vishwakarma sought out for a suitable groom, and approached Surya, the Sun God to accept his daughter’s hand in marriage. Surya accepted and the marriage was solemnized.

A little while into the marriage and Sanjana was troubled, she could  take it no more, the glare and heat emitted from Surya’s golden aura  darkened her complexion and sapped her energy; she no longer felt  any love for her husband. Her color now resembled  the energies of evening/dusk and the Gods bestowed her with a new name – Sandhya.

Sanjana  made  a plan for her escape. She created  a clone (perhaps one of the first documented instances of cloning). She called  her clone “Chhaya” (shadow). She installed  Chhaya in her place and instructed  her not to leave Surya’s presence under any circumstances, and to dutifully remain there till her return. Sanjana then returned to her father’s house for some respite. Surya did  not notice the difference. He though  Chhaya  as  his wife; he initiated marital relations; Chhaya conceived and delivered a son – Sani (Saturn). Sani is born of dark complexion like his mother, and also inherits Chhaya’s serious and somber countenance.

Vishwakarma heard  news of Sani’s birth and he  was  deeply troubled. He confronted Sanjana and asked  for the truth. Sanjana confessed  having left behind a clone. Vishwakarma immediately ordered his daughter to return to her rightful position in Surya’s house. Sanjana returned to Surya’s house but was  livid with Chhaya for having violated the scope of her orders. Sanjana destroyed  Chhaya’s tangible body and reduced  her to a mere illusion in Surya’s light and glare.

Surya once again did  not notice the exchange of wives. Sanjana gave   birth to 2 children from Surya – son Yama and daughter Yamuna. As the children grew older, Sanjana’s animosity towards Sani grew  stronger and she did  everything in her power to distance him from Surya. Devoid of motherly love and fatherly attention, Sani was distraught, depressed, lazy and utterly directionless.

The 3 children come of age, and time came  to bestow them with responsibilities. Suryawanted to   announce   it   to his children; hearing this, Sanjana quickly poisoned  Surya’s mind against the capabilities of Sani and requested him to divide his responsibilities between Yama and Yamuna. Surya relented.

So on the appointed day, Sani (the elder son) was ignored and Yama (the younger son) was given the title of “Dharmaraj” or “king of dharma” and was given the responsibility of upholding truth in humanity. Yama though popularly known as “God of death” was not literally so; he merely appeared  at the appointed time of death so that he can cart away the soul and present the updated karmic balance sheet of the life just gone by, to the soul; and explain with compassion, righteousness and an unwavering approach – the good and bad deeds of the soul and the likely implications of same in this after-life.
Yamuna was given the status of a holy river, and was given the responsibility of washing away the sins of those who bathe in her or partake of her waters. She was also given the responsibility of generating a spark of good thought in all those who touch her waters.
Yama and Yamuna accepted  their responsibilities and left . Sani was left standing all alone. As a son and older brother, he felt humiliated and insulted. Unable to break the barriers of communication with his father; unable to invoke love from his mother; unable to express authority over his younger brother and sister, and unable to prove the capability that he believed he has – a rage built  up with  in Sani.
To vent his anger, he sought   out  his  mother Sanjana and delivered   a well aimed kick in her womb believing that she was an insult to the womb that she birthed him from. Shocked at this act, Sanjana retaliated  by cursing Sani to lose the leg that he kicked her with. Maimed and helpless, Sani lied  on the ground. The scene was witnessed by Surya. Though he could  forgive Sani’s behavior as  act of an unruly son, he was unable to understand the curse of mother Sanjana. Surya then confronted  Sanjana for the truth.

Sanjana confessed  to her folly, apologized , and narrated  about her clone Chhaya and the birth of Sani before her return to Surya’s home. Surya  became  livid with rage and glowed  brighter and hotter than before. He accepted  Sani as his legitimate older son, restored  his lost leg though a limp still remains to honor the word of his mother’s curse, and then made  amends by bestowing upon him the honor of a place in the solar system. Sani was installed as the planet that will govern “karma” and “dharma” in the  horoscope. He would  l enter your horoscope as your karmic guru, your harshest teacher, and will ensure that you learn your lessons and pass your tests, so that you can rise higher up the karmic ladder.  Like his brother Yama, Sani will brook no concessions in the house that he will appear in, and will force you like a hard taskmaster to confront and deal with your toughest karmic issues – and bestow you with his own traits of patience, seriousness and diligence to help you learn your lessons in the appointed house.

True to his own life experiences, Sani causes  – insults, depression, prejudice, laziness and a sense of being directionless before you can invoke his powers of patience, perseverance and hard-work to deal with your tests

Sani’s house in the horoscope is Makara   and Kumbha   , and he is very powerful in  Thula and powerless  in Mesha Rasi . If Sani is  in Makara, Kumbha  or Thula in your horoscope  he   would do good to you  in Sani dasa, If if he is in mesha , he  would neither good nor  bad.

I am telling this because when Sani dasa  comes or when  Sani moves to a bad position people get scared.

Sani Dasa , the period of Sani in our life is 19 years . For those  born in Poosam(Pushya)  , Anushaam (Anusha)   and Uthrattathi (   Uthrabadra pada     )  the dasa   as soon as  the child is norn would be Sani dasa.

Sani   being slow moving  stays 30 months in a rasi.Find out from Panchang which Rasi he is there . Then count from  your Rasi( Rasi  where  moon is there-that being one)  and find out  which  number of  Rasi Sani is  at present.

  Sani situated   in 12th, first and second rasi   is called  Ezharai Sani  or Sade sathi .If Sani is not  the  four   rasis indicated above you woulsd undergo problems. Sani in own rasi   would be worse than in 12th and  2nd Rasi, The worst period however is when  Sani is situated in the 8th rasi  (called  Ashtama Sani) .Sani passing through  4th , 7th and 10th Rasi  . This period  is slightly bad. Along with these  positions if  you also run dasa , the period would be  much worse Sani in 3rd house, 6th house and eleventh house  is good.

  On 26th  January 2017   Sani will move to Dhanu rasi (Please note Sani comes back to Vruschiga rasi   (6-4-2017 to  25-8-2017)    and between 18th April 2018 to  6th September  2018.

  The general predictions would be given by very many astrologers on line as well as  various magazines    after   the middle of January. When you read them , please  know  that  for people born in Thula, Makara  and Kumbha it is not  entirely true.

 There are  very many approaches to  lessen the  problems caused  by Sani .Each astrologer   would have his own method of approach. I believe in praying  using stotras.  The prayers  can be addressed to the planets  themselves , or to the Gods   who influence  those planets.In case of  Sani the Gods who can influence  and bring down your problems are  Lord Venkateswara(or Balaji ) of thiruppathi, or Lord Hanuman orKurma Avathara   of Lord Voshnu  or  Lord Ayyappa.

  SriVaishnavaites do not believe that  Saturn is a God and so do not   pray to him.  If Saturn causes  problems they pray either  to Lord Hanuman,  Lord Venkatachalapathy  or Koormavathara  of Lord Vishnu

 Normally   when you   are  going  through bad period    due to Sani:-

1.Chant the famous sloka praising him 

Neelanjanasamaabhasam Ravi Putram Yamaagrajam
Chaaya Marthanda Sambhootam Tam Namaami Shanaiswaram 

My salutations to God Saturn,
Who is the colour of blue- black,
Who is the son of Sun God,
Who is the elder brother of Yama,

And then  as many times as possible chant Sani Gayathri
Sanischara gayatri (Saturn)-When Sani causes problems

Om kaakadhwajaaya vidmahae
khadga hastaaya dheemahi
tanno mandah: prachodayaat

Om, Let me meditate on him who has crow in his flag,
Oh, He who has a sword in his hand, give me higher intellect,
And let Saneeswara illuminate my mind.

2.On Saturdays  whenever  time permits  light a  Gingelly oil lamp , keep before God and once chant   any one of the   following stotra  you choose once.If you do not have time  hear the stotra  being chanted.

  I am giving   urls  of translations  of few  such stotras :-

A.Prayers   addressed  to planet  Sani
Sanaischara   stotram by king Dasaratha

2.Prayers to Gods who can   cure problems by  planet  Sani

Sani badhaa  Vimochana  Sabareeswara   ashtakam

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