Friday, December 30, 2016

God is kind when he gives or when he denies

God is kind when he gives or when he denies

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( The Tamil original was sent to me  by a member of Whatsapp   group. I do not know  who wrote. My grateful thanks   to whosoever who   wrote it.)

There    was  a very  big temple  in a holy place,
And there  was a servant there who  kept on and on ,
Working for the God    and  the temple every day ,
And one day he felt  sad that God was always standing

That  day after   every one  had left   he asked the God,
“Your legs must be paining   a lot   as you are  always standing,
And I feel extremely sad   that I can do nothing for it ,
And so if you agree I will stand in your place  one full day.”

God smiled   at him and told  “That is a great thought ,
And it would definitely   help me   a lot , and so,
You stand in my place   tomorrow, the entire day,
But You should neither move nor talk   as you would be God.”

The servant   agreed   and early morning  he relieved  the God,
And stood in the place  of God  like  a statue.
A rich man came   and put  One rupee in the Hundi,
But  a big money bag of his  fell down on earth  and he went away.

Then came a very poor starving man    and put one paisa ,
In the Hundi  and told, “That is all I have my god,
And tonight  I would happily   starve  as I have given it to you”
And then he saw the money bag of  rich man , took it  as a gift of God  and went Away.

Some time later  a  Chieftain  of a ship anchored nearby,
Came there , saluted  God  and prayed, “Oh God protect me.”
And at that  time the rich man returned   with police ,
And Got that chieftain    arrested  for stealing his money bag.

All this while the servant  of the temple   was standing like a rock,
But he felt bad for the chieftain    and  told  in a  Godly voice,
“ No that   chieftain is innocent , release him.
He also told   them all   that happened and they went back gratefully.

After every one has left  God came and told the   servant  ,
“Thanks for   giving me rest   but you have not obeyed my orders,
The rich man is a black marketer   and  I wanted  him to give his money,
To the poor man   who has given his all and was prepared to starve.

The Chieftain of the ship was a good man  and  if he  goes back immediately,
His ship would break in a storm and he would lose all that is his,
And so I wanted  him not to  go today and brought back the police and the rich man.
And I wanted  the rich man to do a good deed  and also  save the chieftain.

You  do not have   complete   faith in me   and disobeyed me ,
Please understand  I never  err  in anything I do,
And I   help  or punish the devotees  according to their Karma,
Whether  I give or even  when I do not give , there is kindness involved there.

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