Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Philosophy of Idli

Philosophy  of Idli


( I had already written Idli Puranam and I thought , next step  is  “Philosophy of Idli. “Then I came across  face book  post of Meena Rajan. With minor modifications , I have mostly translated her write up.. Thanks a million to her.)

If  you say  Idli  looks properly  cooked , it is  “Optimism”
If you say   idli is possibly not properly cooked , it is  “pessimism”
If wife says , Cant cook Idli today  , it is feminism,
Suppose you  start shouting , “Who cooked Idli today?”  it is “ journalism”
If  you say to others , “ You will get Idli only after  I eat”, it is imperialism,
If  instead of eating Idli you  turn it in to Idli Upma, it is “post modernism”
If we put a seal “Made in India “  on Idli, it is “Patriotism”
If you insist that you would like  only white idli , it is  “racism”
If you  say “A Hindu only found out Idli” , it is “communalism”,
If  you say  , “only   few Idlis  have been made  and so , only two each, , it is “communism”,
If you say “Head or tail  . break fast is only Idli today” , it is “socialism”,
If you say “All Idlis made by me or mine to f give”, it is  “capitalism”,
If you throw, the idli at your wife  , it is “terrorism”,
If you say “Idli and dosa are same  as they are made of same batter” , it is “rationalism”

As soon as you see Idli, if you  run away it is “escapism”,

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