Saturday, December 31, 2016

Welcome , new year

Welcome  , new year

Jumana Junaid , Sri Lanka

Translated by

All over the world there  is celebration today,
For earth is going start a new   rotation,
Developing pretty wings  ,
The world   is  going to fly    as a thing of art.

Crowds of clouds   should spread   everywhere,
So that     rain falls  every where  sweetly,
The rivers  should  get filled up  and flow ,
Observing limits  so that,
The mother earth   would  laugh   with joy.

Let   minds become joyous ,
And  let  the hearts   throb with sweetness
The breeze  would waft, waves would ebb,
And the nature   would recite  a great poem

The earth is going to start a new rotation,
And my  worries  are slowly ,
Moving away  and  settling down,

Would you open as a new flower in the universe,
Let all the world become a work of art,
Let all hearts broken in to pieces come together again

Let moon  come   and smile ,
Let waves  of sea  sing  ,
Let every thing that you desire,
Always  become sweet realty,

Before   the tears  of sorrow dries,
Those   which fall down due to thunder,
Should become  a  small piece  of snow,
That  gets   dissolved in  to the ocean.

With  Truth as the axis the world should now rotate,
Justice should ebb everywhere and become stable.

Get  lips that   only utter the truth,
Become hands   that only do good ,
Think  so that  heart becomes great,
Let differences of caste  and religion vanish,
Achieve   every thing  only  by justice.
The earth   would rotate peacefully
And would start  telling ,
The remaining   history of the morrow.

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