Sunday, December 18, 2016

Blind man with a put out lamp

Blind man  with a  put out  lamp


(I have read   about how  blind people walking  in the dark  should carry a  lamp   for others to see  them.
But no one told me that a blind person   cannot see whether  light is burning or not. Each of us have handicaps   and we manage with them  with our own resources. If we borrow resources of others  u it is not permanent. Took the idea   from  the post of  my friend Pasupathi Nathan in face book. Thank you sir.)

Ramu   gave shelter  to a blind man for a few days,
And after  that the blind man    started  towards his home,
After   the dusk had set in    and there   was darkness all around.
Then Ramu told him , “ It is dark,  go tomorrow  morn.”

The blind man laughed  and told him , “to me it  is always dark.”
And then Ramu   gave him a lighted lamp   to take with him,
And said , “You may not need it  , but  people  who can see,
Would be able to see  you coming and give you way.”

The blind man took    the lighted lamp   and started walking .
And  suddenly   after   some time    was  past ,
Some one big    dashed on him  and blind man was hurt.
And he asked that man. “I am carrying this light only for you to see me.”

That fat man  felt very sorry   and told    the blind man ,
“That lamp has got extinguished  and no one can see  you now.”
The blind man sought   excuse    and told him , “No borrowed thing,

Would help you   till the end” and resumed  his journey  with his   white stick.

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