Sunday, December 4, 2016

A bride searching for a groom in modern times

A bride   searching    for a  groom  in modern times


(Lot of exaggeration    and unrealistic  , you may say  but  we are speedily  travelling  towards  this situation)

 After  lot of technical  education   , earning   great many degrees,
An employed  girl past twenty six  decided   to get married,
And   as a  nice , good and obedient   girl  , she said to her mother,
“Mummy   I have   decided    to get married and want a suitable groom”
Mummy said  ,”That news  is great , please tell  what we  should look for .”
The girl said, “ I have been thinking about   it and also searching in google.,
And   I have  made   up my mind   as to what type  of groom I want..

“I am not very particular   that  our   castes are same  or gothras are  different.
I want him very much to look like  a   present day  Bollywood  hero,
With  a  thin moustache    and a  well  groomed beard ,

I want him to be  maximum  one or two   years  older than me ,
With  one  year   better   than  two, as I think he will understand my needs better,
I definitely want him to be younger than   my elder sister’s husband,

I want him  to  be two to three  inches  taller   than  me.
I want him  to work in an MNC  and earn at least fifty thousand more than me ,
I also want    his salary  higher   than my elder  sister’s  husband.
I am very particular  that  he  should not be a businessman Or orthodox .

I want the  groom to live  in  my  own  home town,
With his   parents living as far as possible from that place.
I  want him  to have at least one brother , preferably elder,
I want him to  agree for me  to spend money , I earn  on my parents,
And the rest     to be in my name  to be spent as  per my  wishes,
I want him to  convert all   his  bank accounts ,
To  be  joint ones, the other   being me,

Though I   am slightly   short tempered,
I want him not to have any anger at all,
I  want him never   to object  me,
From going to a party  along with my friends,
And always take me to a party when he goes.
That is all  dear Mummy  for  the present .
And whenever I   go for shopping  .

He should give his card  and wait patiently”

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