Tuesday, December 6, 2016

This foul smelling body is mine

This  foul smelling body is mine

Saint Pattinathaar

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(sage Pattinathaar also called  THiruvenkadar was  a great Saivite saint. There is a temple dedicated to him in Thiruvothiyur .  In this one verse  he tells  that this body we nurture    is a useless one , would become foul smelling and claimed   as food  by very many things. Looks , it is not useless?)

எரி எனக்கென்னும்புழுவோ எனக்கென்னும்இந்த மண்ணும்
சரி எனக்கென்னும்பருந்தோ எனக்கென்னும்தான் புசிக்க
நரி எனக்கென்னும்புன்னாய் எனக்கென்னும்இந்நாறுடலைப்
பிரியமுடன் வளர்த்தேன்இதனால் என்ன பேறு எனக்கே?

Yeri yenakkennum  , puzhuvo yenekennum  -intha mannum,
Sari yenekkennum-paruntho  yenakkennum-thaan pusikka,
Nari  yenakkennum –punnai yeanakennum – innaru udalai,
Piriyamudan valarthen-Ithanaal   yenna peru  yenakke

I nurtured   with great  love  this  foul smelling body ,
Which  would  be claimed  by the fire   as its own,
By the worm as its own, , by this mud   as  its own,
By the eagle   as its own , by the fox as its own  ,
For it to eat   and also  by the dog as  its own,

What greatness   did I  get by it?

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