Thursday, December 29, 2016

Dedicated to all women- greatest creation of Lord Brahma

Dedicated  to all women- greatest  creation of Lord Brahma


( I have read this in Tamil several times   and this is based  on a post in face book by my friend A G Kesavan. Thanks to him.)

God  Brahma   finished   creating all  beings including man ,
And at last  started creating   a  woman,
Narda   who was his son   was  waiting  to talk to him,
Brahma worked   without rest  and worked for six daya and night.

God Brahma    after   finishing   this great job of his,
Asked   his son, why he   was waiting   for him,
And Narada  replied , just to talk to you,
But now I want to know   why so much time  for this being.

Brahma   smiled   and started    telling his son,
“I was creating   a woman  and it is a very complicated job.
In her life    she should  eat anything that is available,
At any time , without murmuring  whether  she likes it or not.”

“She should be able to manage an adamant mischievous child in a minute,
She should know   how to cure anything from small wound  to broken heart,
If she happens  to be sick, she should cure herself   and work for  day and night,
For doing all these miraculous jobs   she would be provided  with only two hands.”

Sage Narada  was wonderstruck  and expected  that creation,
Would be as hard  as a stone   and touched   that woman,
And was surprised   to find  , she is very   tender and soft,
And told Lord Brahma , “This is injustice , she should be hard.”

Brahma  again smiled, “True her body is soft but her mind ,
Is so strong that  she would be able to do any  of her jobs,
Very efficiently  , very fast  , Without breaking down  and with,
Great tenderness  and make every one pleased.”

“She   would be able to bear  any type  of burden,
Tolerate  the greatest  pain  ever possible in the world,
And would be able   to  stifle   anger, love,
And sufferings well   within her,  without difficulty.”
“Only she perhaps can revel her anger by a so mile,.
She would be able fight  and win for causes she considers are right,
And she would be able to shower  love without any expectation.”
Narada  said “Surprising , can she  think and decide  to this extent”.

Lord Brahma   with happiness  told  , “Not only   she,
Would be able to think but    also reach   correct decisions.”
Narada saw some water flowing  in her eyes  and asked Lord Brahma “What?”
Lord Brahma replied, “they are her tears and through them  ,
She can express her sorrow, joy , worries and  wonder.”

The sage said, “Great creation , Six days  are not sufficient  to create her.
But   does she have  any defects  ?” and laughingly   the God told,
“ Yes , none of creations   so far    are picture  perfect ,
“She can never  ever  understand , what  is her worth .”

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