Thursday, December 15, 2016

Baseless rumours fly like little bits of paper.

Baseless  rumours fly like  little bits of  paper.


(The idea is not mine but I got it from a Whatsapp  message that was floating everywhere. My making  the lady as the one who spreads rumours  was not intentional . Men also spread rumours)

There was an old morose  lady in a town,
Her  neighbor was  modern  but upright youngster,
Some thing was   lost in some house  in the street,
The old lady spread a rumour that the young  man  was a thief,
The young man  was arrested   by   the police,
But could not find   anything  to prove that he was a thief,
And so they set him free  and the young man  ,
Filed a case  against the old lady  for  having spread the rumour

The judge   with all seriousness   asked the old lady,
Why she   spread  the  rumour without any basis,
The old lady strangely said  , she only spoke   some words,
And how can those    words   cause  harm to any one.
The judge asked  the old lady to write   all that  she told,
About  the young man  which came to several pages,
He then asked her  to  tear  the pages  in to small pieces,
And while going home  throw the papers  all over her way.
The judge then   requested  the old lady to come again the next day.

The old lady obeyed   the judge and came back next day,
And the judge told her to recover  all the pieces  of paper ,
That she threw  on the road    and come back to him again,
The old lady said the  task was impossible to do ,
As those pieces would have  flown all over the world,
The judge then said , similar   to those  pieces of paper,
The so called   harmless   words of her about  the  young  man,
Would have spread all over the world and cannot be collected back,
And so requested the old lady , not to do things  that harm others,
By empty words  which cannot be taken back, and wanted  her,
To daily go to all   street corners   of the town  for six months,
And tell , “I made  allegations  without basis,
That young man  has  not done  any thing wrong,

And  please  spread what I tell  to every one whom you meet.”

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