Tuesday, December 20, 2016

To make the body in to the imperishable soul

To make  the body  in to  the imperishable soul


(I got the idea from a whatsapp message  communicated to me .I churned  it, and made it hot by my wring. Here  is the result. )

One devotee  greatly perplexed  ,
Went to his Guru and asked,
“Sir  , they say  body is perishable ,
But   soul  inside  is   not .
How can  imperishable  be inside perishable?”

The Guru laughed    and told his disciple  ,
“Don’t you know   that  milk is perishable ,
If we   add a drop  of curd  in it  and make it curd
Ii becomes  imperishable    for   the entire day.

If we   churn it   and throw the perishable buttermilk,
WE get  solid butter  which is not perishable  for a week,
But if we again   heat   that butter  and melt   it ,
Then  we get ghee , which is not perishable.

Disciple   was   further  perplexed  and asked,
“I understand milk is   that  the body   and  that ghee  is the soul,
But what do we add, with what  should we churn ,
And with what   should we heat to get  the soul?”

Guru said ,”add a bit of  good company  ,
Churn it with  suffering  , throw out  bad thought and heat it with devotion,
(or churn it with service , throw out doubt  and heat it  with meditation)
Then  the body which is   the milk   realizes.
That it is indeed  the soul  which  never perishes.”

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