Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas to all of you 2016

Merry Christmas    to    all  of you 2016


Our  religion which no one  established.
Ad told   us   that  , whatever  God  we  salute,
Any where  in the world   would reach  our God Narayana,
Just like   the water  which falls  on earth,
Any where   in the world  , reaching the sea.

All   those    who showed   us all ,  the way to God ,
Any where   in  the world   were  Godly saints   to us ,
Each  of these  Godly persons   showed us  different paths
But   we knew   that   the way  had the same  goal-the God.

One of these   great godly  ones   who showed  us the Way,
Was Gauthama the Budha  , who after   great search ,
Came to know  that it is   desire   that blinds  us,
Prevents  us   from seeing  the path to God.

Far  our away   from our land  was another Godly one,
Who was born in a stable  to a carpenter   couple.
And he    taught   us all   that  the way  to God ,
Would be clear  to us   if  we  have faith  in us  as well as God.

In the southern extreme   of our great   country was born,
A Boy    after   the death of his father    and he  told us ,
That   the path   to the God  is very    simple  ,
Once we realize that   he and we   are no different.

Then came another   Godly saint  , who told us that.
The only way   to God is absolute   surrender   to him,
And he   also told us  , this    surrender  can be achieved,
By us   by developing   selfless   devotion to God.

Much later   in the   northern part  of country  ,
A saint   arose  , who  thought  that  all knowledge ,
Is definitely God whom    we all   should  worship with fervor,
By reading   that knowledge  passed on  by all the Godly saints.

Having   brought up  in this culture  of great tolerance ,
Which told us   to hear , analyze  and adopt  what we have been  told,
And which   told us    to search   God   in our own way .,
I consider all of you as my own siblings  and I say ,

                   “Merry Christmas   to all of you in honour of a  great  Godly saint.”

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