Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dedicated to all males who are husbands

Dedicated  to  all males  who are husbands


(Written based on a tamil message in Whatsapp. Do not know who wrote it .By the way  I do not  do Yoga.)

As soon as the  sun rose  a dear hubby  woke up his wife  and asked,

“Darling, I am going to do Yoga, Are you also coming?”
The wife retorted “Are you telling me  I am feet  and need to reduce?”

The husband  did not know   what to tell  but said, “doing Yoga   is good  for heath”,
The wife   got little more angry   and asked, “Do you mean I am sick?’

Husband said, “You  need not come.”  And she said , “are you telling me  I am lazy?”
Husband said, “You are  understanding   every thing wrong?”,

She replied “   are you by any chance indicating  I do not understand  you?”
Husband said, “I did not tell like that” wife said, “are  you calling me  a liar?”

Husband said,”Leave it at that, why all this quarrel early  in the morning?”
And she replied’That is really bad, are   you   calling me quarrelsome?”

Husband said,”Ok I am not going” , she said , You do not want to go and yet blame me for that”
Husband said , “Ok  you sleep  , I will go alone, Are   you happy?”

She shouted”You want  to go alone and enjoy.Why all this drama for that?”
The husband   thought, thought   and thought over it  again and again,

But could not understand, What mistake   he did    and he went back   to sleep.

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