Friday, December 30, 2016

Honest wood cutter and trigonometry

Honest wood cutter  and trigonometry


(An old story   retold . Hamsabai  SAnthana Krishnan reminded  it to me by a post in face book)

Once upon a time there  was an wood cutter,
Who  by nm misfortune  lost his axe  in a well,
And  he started   crying   the name of  God.
God came and took out   a golden axe from  the well    and gave it to him,
And he   said , it is not his   and the  God offered him a silver axe ,
And he said it is not his   and God  offered  a   steel axe ,
And he said it was  his and took it  from God,
And  God along with that  gave him the golden and  silver axe ,
And told him , it was a present for his   honesty,

Next day in the same well  wood cutter lost his wife,
And he as usual cried  and summoned  God,
God came   and   took out    from the well ,
The   divine    dancer Menaka  of Indra’s court,
The wood cutter said , it was  his wife ,
God was shocked   and asked   him,
“Where   has your honesty  gone?”
And wood cutter   replied  seriously ,
“Suppose I say  she is   not my wife ,
You will take  out Ramba  and  then again  my own wife,
And appreciating  my honesty  you would  give  me  all three  of them,

One wife is Ok , Bigamy is not legal  and trigonometry is the worst.”

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