Saturday, December 3, 2016

In search of God

In search of God 

Translated  from Tamil prose  by


(This  very interesting write up was  posted by  Balamurugan R Ramalingam in the face book .My acknowledgements to  him)

One little young boy  , wanting to see  God,
Thinking   that  God may   be far , far   away,
Took   a small bottle   of water  and  some food,
And started   to  walk  towards  no where.

After   some time    the little   sweet one ,
Got tired  and entered and sat  a   park with lot of shade ,
And there  he   saw  an old woman watching  ,
Doves eating  , but wetting her  lips with her toungue,

The boy  went near  the old lady   and  made her sip,
Some water   from the  bottle of water that he has  brought,
And the  old lady   smiled   and the little  one ,
Had never seen  a pretty smile like that before.

He wanted   to see   the smile again , and  ,
Opened his food packet    and went near  her,
And little by little   made   that very old woman,
Eat all  that he had   and she again smiled.

The Boy with exuberant joy   and   face  ,
Full of happiness   went back home  ,
And his Mummy asked , “Why this joy?”
And he said, “I fed the God  and he smiled.”

  The old woman went back   to her house ,
With her wrinkled face   shining  in joy  ,
And her   daughter   asked, “Why this joy”
And she said , “God fed me but he is too young.”

Try   to smile   at strangers   in need,
Tell  consoling   words , try your best,
By offering  little  of what  they need ,
And  you both  would see  God  in yourselves.

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