Friday, December 9, 2016

Phone as well as you need protection

Phone as well as you need protection

Rewritten in english   from Tamil by

( I saw this wonderful  posting from my friend  Ranganathan Sridhar Iyengar. Just like a screen  is need to protect  the phone,  decent dress  is  needed to  protect  a pretty girl.  )

A very pretty young girl, dressed  fashionably  ,
Purchased a great I-phone and showed it to her father,
The father  asked   his daughter   with great love,
“What  is the cost of this   good looking phone dear girl?”
And she told “Slightly costly   but really   very good.”
The father  then asked ,”You seemed   to have covered,
It very  pretty   and  thick  case and screen completely”
“Ye , papa” she said, “It is a costly   screen and  case ,
Costing   rupees four thousand and I chose this ,
Because  it would   cover   and protect it well.
I thought by buying  it my very costly  phone,
Would not break if   it falls   down,
And  would not   get scratches from any one.”
The father  looked   at his daughter  up and down and told,
“True, you seem to protect  this phone  made by some one,
But   though you   are made by God  and much more pretty than  the phone,
You  seem not to bother about  it  by covering  it well from prying eyes,
And prevent   falls  to your character  and scratches  to your  virtue.

A humble request dear , protect yourself as you protect the phone.”

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