Friday, December 16, 2016

Criticism of act of remorse would punish you

Criticism of  act of remorse would  punish you


(I saw this   remarkable story  in tamil  the face book post of my friend   Sri A G Kesavan. We all find fault   on people acting  due to remorse.Please  know you may get punished and he excused because of that)

There was a sage  in the deep forest   ,
Who normally  was immersed  in deep meditation.
Every day he   used to wake up once ,
And  extend his hands  and whatever falls,
On his hand   he used  to swallow and go back to his deep state.

The villagers  near by, the hunters   and the tribals ,
Who lived   near him knew   about it  ,
And made  it a point   to drop some food,
On his extended   hand for food,
And go back with joy  for having done  something good.

One day   a famous  king    who was passing  by that way ,
Happened to see  this sage deep in  his trance,
And at that    time  the   sage extended  his hand ,
And the king  took  some elephant dung and ,
Put it in his extended  hand   and the sage swallowed it.

The king  laughed , laughed    in great   glee,
For having   done  a very humorous    job,
And went back to his    town and there,
One day a    very great  sage who knew ,
The past  , present   and future   came.

He said to the king  “Perhaps   by putting ,
Elephant dung  in those  outstretched hands of the sage,
You think you have   done a humorous    and very great job.
But please know  , a mountain of cowdung is waiting in hell  for you to eat.”

The king was  jolted badly    and was struck  with great remorse,
And he wanted   to do some thing good    in this world,
And  started living  in a hut   and made   his people,
That  if any maid   who struggles to save money ,
For her marriage  comes to his hut, he will  give them mountain of money.

Many  and many maids    who were   in need  visited  him,
And the king showered   them  with heaps  of money,
And they all went back  blessing   and praising  the king.
But there were  many who started   telling   that,
The king was raping the maids   and giving them money.

One day  a greatly virtuous   sage like lady   passed by,
The hut of the king    along with   her blind   husband,
And told him that  they were  standing before the king’s hut,
And the blind husband   sneeringly   laghed out loud and said,
“Oh that king  who calls maids   in to his hut , spoils them and gives them money?”

Then the sage like  lady said   to her   blind husband ,
“You have now swallowed the last handful  of elephant dung ,
Meant for the king  ,  kept in the hell  and also,
Due to  blaming a very good sage like person ,
You would be born as  blind person in your next birth also.”

Please for god’s   sake   do not try to find   fault,
With a remorseful person    trying his   very best ,
To   correct himself   and  is engaged  in doing,
Good acts   so that  the punishment of his  is reduced,

For by doing it   God would certainly punish you.

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