Friday, December 2, 2016

Dirty is when we look through a dirty glass

Dirty is when we look through a dirty glass

Translated   from Tamil  By

(From quotes in Tamil by  Sri  Narayana Swami Krishna Swami, My face book friend.)

A newly married   couple  went to a new home,
The wife told her darling   husband ,
“I cannot tolerate    dirt at any time,
And would get angry   and shout “
The new husband  said , “yes darling “

Next to their home  lived  a   simple lady,
Who used to wash   their cloths in traditional way ,
By  applying washing soap   and beating it on the stone.
The wife   one day   saw  it  through  her glass  window,
And told her  husband, “I am feeling angry , because that   lady  ,
Is  washing her cloths , with dirt  still remaining on them.”
The husband   replied , “Yes darling, I see your point”
This went on daily    for a  very long time  and one day,
The wife saw that  the neighboring house lady,
Had washed   her cloths  so neatly that they were  sparkling.,
And she told her darling  husband , “Some body  must havem
Taught  that inefficient woman how   wash cloths , at last?”
The husband told “NO darling , I cleaned our  windows.

Many of the faults   we find may be due to our fault.”

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