Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Angel called Amma(mother/Mummy)

The Angel  called  Amma(mother/Mummy)


(This is based on the write up of my friend Neyveli  Murali in tamil. In  his write up, it is a baby   who is sent to this world . I have modified  it based on Hindu belief of rebirth  of the  soul.  I have also made very minor modifications  .Thank you my friend. )

One day  God summoned   a soul   whom he  liked ,
And told him, “ I want you   to go   as a baby to earth   and live there,
Because   a lady   is expecting to deliver a child there soon.”
But the soul  protecsed , “ I am happy here , I don’t want to go.”

God said , “ You would live there  as happily   as you live here.”
The soul said  ‘You look  after me well  here, what about the earth?”
God said, “I have arranged for an angel  to look after  you there.
That angel would love you and you will like her  better than me,”
“You are sending me there  as a  baby , I would   not be able,
Either   to talk or walk, I would  not understand   the lingua that they talk”
Said the soul  and God said “That angel would look after  everything”
Then the soul did not know what   to ask   but  asked God,
“I like talking to  you here , how can I do it there?”, God smiled,
And told , “that angel would teach that  also to you.”
Soul was sad and  asked God,  “There would be bad  people there,
And who would protect me  from     all of them ?”
God said, “Even by giving herself up, that angel would do that.”
The soul started weeping and asked   God,
“From now on would I not be able to see or talk to you.”
God said , “Do not worry, The angel will call you  by  my name,
Always talk to you about me   and later  would teach you,
How you can come back to me  .Also I would be there with you,
But   you would not    be able    to see me.”
The soul  started  hearing sounds  of earth  and asked,
“Ok God , I would go, What is the name of   that angel?”
God consolingly said  , “Her name is not that important ,

But you would call her   Amma(Mummy) “

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