Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Do not crush the little world of a mother

Do not crush   the little world  of a mother


(Based on a posting  by Bhanu Ravi in face book .)

One day  when my mother  told me  something,
When I was   eating   great lunch  prepared by her,
I shouted her    with   great  anger  and walked out of the house,
And went along   with a friend  to a hotel and had lunch.

That evening   when I returned   home   avoiding  my mother,
I went   straight to me e room   , took some rest  ,
And was  watching   some  thing in the TV  and father  came and asked,
“Dear Son ,  why did you not have   lunch at home?”

I told  him , “I had a small fight   with mother  in the morning,
And So  I wanted   to teach  her lesson  and so I left our home,
However   I  did have  a great lunch in a star  hotel”
My father   said , You know my son,   you did wrong .”

“I too some times   do not like   what she tells me,
But have you seen me ever   fighting   with he?”
And I said  , “I have never   seen you fight   with her,”
And father said ,” Son , What   you have  done is not right.”

“When you or your sister   fight   with  her and go out,
Chill with your friend , have a great  lunch and come back,
Have you ever thought what your mother does after  you leave?”
Since   the son had b never  thought   about it m, he asked “what?”

The father  replied, “She  would not  ever understand  why  you got angry,
Would worry   the whole   day  that  she is the worst possible  Mom,
And would not   eat a morsel of   food   the entire day,
Poor one , does not know that you   have  taken your food already.”

“Oh son  , for you  or your  sister   your anger  lasts  only a minute,
After that you would   completely forget  that you  were ever angry with her,
But  to her  , her world  gets  crushed   before her and ,
She would   weep, struggle  and try to find out her own mistake.”

“So son ,  the world   of   yours and  mine    are big,
And  joyful and filled   with  friends   and relations,
But her world is very small  with her you , your sister and me,

And  when something happens  to her little world, There is nothing left for her?”

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