Friday, December 2, 2016

Golden real truths from a real honest person

Golden  real  truths   from a real honest person

Translated from Tamil,

(From quotes in Tamil by  Sri  Narayana Swami Krishna Swami, My face book friend. Real truths  are hard  to digest)

Valour  is acting as if we are  not scared,
Intelligence is in  showing  other man as a fool,
Happiness  is in  acting   as if we have lots of money,
Silence is because   we do not know  what to speak next,
Crime is something which we know only when others do it,
Defending oneself  is telling excuses for our mistakes,
Common man  is the one who crowds  and sees the fun,
The leader  is the one who  breaks the  country for his own sake,
Charity  is giving old useless   things in the home   to others,
Humility   is acting as if    we respect  others,
Love is  a  joint lie told by a male and  female,
Honesty is giving 100 rupees  and asking back 200   rupees,
Goodness  is acting with great difficulty,
Humanity is some thing still not found out,

Laughter   is the  thing that comes when others fall.

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